The Right Time to Be Heard Should Be Yours.

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The Right Time to Be Heard Should Be Yours.

Sometimes, you see very accurate advice on how to be sure you post “at the right time”, on social media networks. Apparently you should not talk when you want to, but when the web is ready to listen.

I don’t buy it. I think it should be the opposite: you should share when you want to, when it’s a good time for you, without worrying that nobody is going to hear you. The real time web is awesome because it keeps me in the know immediately. But it’s not the only rhythm. You cannot follow everything going on at the same time in the world, sometimes you just want to save something for later when you will have more time. Yes, later. I know it’s maybe a bad word in the State of Now.
I have different rhythms, days and moods. But my interests, passions and desire to share and learn from other people’s insights stay the same. also wants to represent this new window, the one you can open when you want, without being scared of not being heard. You have your own space for expression, your followers and readers will come to your page when they can and want to. There is not absolute right time. We all have our own schedules and good times.

This space of expression gives a context to your thoughts and insights that you found and want to share with people who want to explore and trust your vision on a topic you are passionate about. Steve Rubel at TNW Conference in Amsterdam talked about the need to find your digital embassy. We were thrilled by this metaphor, motivating us to always help day after day to build this new context. One of the great effects that always bring a smile to my face is to see users sharing a scoop I found, or suggested to a relevant topic. I smile not only because they liked it but because sometimes I notice I posted this scoop days ago. We are not so used to it anymore as we feel sometimes the pressure to contribute and find now, it almost takes us by surprise.
It should not. What you find or your expertise should not only have a chance to be read, but to stay, shared even more and find an audience committed to hear you today, tomorrow, whenever the timing is the good one.

There are unexpected consequences when you envision a new platform to allow people to talk about what they love and know. The ability to enjoy another rhythm on the internet is probably one of them. But the most exciting is to see all the new human interactions is also creating… and it’s just the beginning…

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Benoit Lamy
Former consultant and entrepreneur, sport and tech addict, Benoit is in charge of team and product, after having managed Business team in Europe for 5 years.
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12 years ago

It’s a great project !

12 years ago

It’s a great project !

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