What are the biggest issues to solve in content curation?

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This is kind of old but I rediscovered it recently on Quora and I felt it was an interesting opportunity to review what’s been accomplished in 2011 in that respect.
Seb Paquet is an interesting contributor to Social Media and a professor at the University of Quebec in Montreal.
I think 2011 has been a great year for curation : lots of new developments, great improvements on existing platform and raising awareness. It’s interesting to look back at questions like these and measure the progress we’re making both as platform developers and as members of a community with a particular interest on that subject.
These are the points he mentioned where I felt we made the most progress in 2011:

  • “enable value-adding curators to get more tangible benefits from their activity “

(As Seb pointed out, reputation and feedback are strong motivation drive here and there’s been more and more presentationsand thought leaders articulating clearly what’s in it for curators whether at the professional or the personnal level).

  • “semi-automate low-grade curation so people are liberated to tackle the more challenging and valuable stuff”

(The Scoop.it Suggestion engine or its quick-and-easy formating features are a good example; meaning users can focus more time on the valuable contextualization or can be more efficient sourcing content)

  • “connect curators to share practices and elevate curation from craft to art”
  • “create communities through curation”

(We’ve always felt tools were not the point: it’s about enabling communities of curators to emerge and connect on similar interests and we see that happening and growing fast on Scoop.it – just to quote what we can comment on).

  • “augment the reader’s experience with curated content”

(Readers have proliferated like crazy on various platforms, including of course the iPad which paved the way for Flipboard’s success).

Let me be clear: I don’t think everything has been done yet on these points but I can see new things happening that didn’t happen last year.
Looking back on what still needs answers, I feel these ones are the most urgent to address:

  • “accelerate Social Discovery of high-quality curators”
  • “augment the content producer’s experience (Obtaining a clear picture of how their output is being filtered and categorized)”
  • “enable cooperative and collaborative curation”

Do you feel the same on what was achieved in 2011? Do you see other issues needing to be addressed?

Via www.quora.com

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