Lord of Curation Series: Ana Valdés

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Our Lord of Curation series presents to you some of the great curators on Scoop.it. They are here to share their insights and advice with you.

Ana Valdés was born in Uruguay, South America, living in Sweden since many years. She is a fiction writer and translator, concerned with issues as feminism, postcolonial world and urbanism. She is a trained social anthropologist and has been featured with essays in Counterpunch, Index of Censorship and Le Monde Diplomatique. She has been working with the Spanish architect group Hackitectura, www.hackitectura.net

What is curation to you?

Curation for me is sharing discoveries and wake curiosity and pleasure in people concerned with our world and wanting know more. Curiosity and eagerness to know and share are my motto and the engine of my life.

What is your best curating secret?

The best curating secret should be the quality of your choices. I don’t post or share banal or trivial things, we are already surrounded by banality 🙁 I prefer to share meaningfull things, but of course, every choice is subjective, my definition ofbanality can differ from others.

How has curation enriched your social media experience?

Curation has given me a lot of interesting people to interact with, people with similar interests than me, following my topics. It gives me pleasure but also a lot ofresponsability. I want to be trustworthy in my choices.

You are very interested in Urbanism. What do you love the most in Stockholm and Montevideo, which seem to be the places you call home?

Montevideo, the town I was born and Stockholm, the town where I spent almost all my adult life, share the same atmosphere. They are situated far from each other geographically but the people living there are very similar. Uruguayans are melancholic and the city of Montevideo, a city of European immigrants, is a melancholic city, with a lot of coffe shops where people meet to talk and exchange. Stockholm is a very insular city, in the border of Europe, and the feeling of being peripheric is overwhelming there. Two kind of cities framing the urbanity I like, a kind of living/being a part of a city where people share dreams and utopias.

Our Lord of Curation Series continues next week. Stay tuned!

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12 years ago

Thanks Ana for sharing wonderful information.


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12 years ago

Thanks Ana for sharing wonderful information.

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