If you have news, it will be aggregated and/or curated

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“One thing that becomes clear from the latest Pew report on the state of media is just how big a role aggregators — both human and machine-powered — are playing in news consumption.” comments Mathew Ingram on GigaOm.

He goes on to analyze what this means for the business models of media outlets that weren’t built around the assumption that as high as 30% of their trafic would come from news agregators or human curators.

I’d love the study to make a better difference between news readers such as Flipboard or Zite, agregation sites such as the Huffington Post and the work of human curators on platform such as Scoop.it. But it’s great to have a measure of the huge impact curation already has.

NB: the whole report is available here.
Via gigaom.com

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