What are some real world best practices in terms of businesses using content curation?

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I’ve been asked to answer this question on Quora and so even though it’s been already documented in a number of posts or SlideShare presentations (I mention a couple at the end of my answer by Corinne Weisgerber and Beth Kanter), I felt I should give the perspective we have from observing a number of practices on Scoop.it.

From the early days of the private beta, we’ve seen a lot of curation being made by our users for professional reasons. Some as independant pofessionals, a lot as businesses. This is what drove the development of Scoop.it Business and Scoop.it Pro, our two main premium plans which have known a great adoption and success since we launched them.

This might not be an exhaustive list and it is meant in a business context which is not what all curation activities are about. But let us know: do you see other best practices worht mentioning?

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