The Big Problem With Facebook's Graph Search: Privacy Constraints | Fast Company

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“If the future of search is likely to be social, the future of social is likely to involve more search.”

This is a post I wrote for Fast Company on the conflicting tension I immediately saw following the launch of Graph Search by Facebook. Facebook’s new search tool will either have to remain private, resulting in limited, biased content, or make private data accessible to search.

Here’s why.

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Guillaume Decugis
Co-Founder & CEO @Scoopit. Entrepreneur (Musiwave, Goojet). Engineer-turned-marketer. Skier. Rock singer.
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9 years ago

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I am hoping the same best work from you in the future as well.

mealy hude
9 years ago

handling personal data and preventing it from hacking is really to hard as third party applications always share personal data

7 years ago

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