Scrappy Storytelling with K.Tighe

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Recently, we had the pleasure of hosting a meetup at HQ in San Francisco about a new concept we are developing in tandem with the community called #leancontent. Roughly, #leancontent is an evolution of content development and content marketing strategies.

Ally Greer‘s insight:

The Director of Content, Clair, gave a short talk about impact versus time spent developing the concept (the examples used were the Qualcomm keynote at CES versus the US Government’s response to a silly petition, both are viral, one good.. one bad) and the fundamentals of what #leancontent should be.

Next, we had the Head of Content at TaskRabbit in house, K. Tighe, and she gave an incredible presentation about stealing content development ideas from other industries. Most notably from Lighting and Set Design, Politics, and Journalism.

Check out the recap to learn some great tips for implementing #leancontent !

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