6 Things The Smartest Brands Do To Win People Over

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What marketers and Internet professionals can take away from these two examples is that the best idea always wins, not the biggest budget or the most over-the-top content.  The “best idea” is the concept that most effectively identifies the best strategic things to communicate to a target audience through the most appropriate, natural channels, and then executing the idea in a meaningful, authentic, and value-adding way. If you do this correctly, a simple 520 word editorial could have more positive impact for your brand than a $500k major conference keynote.

Ally Greer‘s insight:

By investigating two very different cases of content creation around a brand, Clair Byrd proves that promoting the most expensive, over-the-top content isn’t always the right answer.

The “best idea” is the one that has the biggest impact and sends the right message; not the one filled with the most gimmicks and the biggest budget.

Clair provides 6 insightful tips on how to make sure that your content is doing what it’s supposed to be doing – you’d be surprised how much time and money you could save by simply focusing on the right things.

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