What’s the social world teaching us these days?

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Social media has had an impact on both business and people’s personal and private life. The impact on business is not as massive as many people assume, but this does not mean that many businesses have not adopted social media, as it is a free resource after all. Here are a few things that social media has taught us all.

The most immediate effects on a person’s private life

It has lowered phone bills. People are using social media instead of texting and calling. Staying in touch is simply a case of logging onto social media these days. On the other hand, it has also lowered the amount of physical social interaction. People are simply using social media as a substitution for seeing people in real life. There appears to be a casual payoff, as people tend to stay predominantly more in touch than top UK writers, whilst seeing each other less frequently.

Online conflicts are at an all time high and rising

It is teaching people how to fall out. There are thousands of online conflicts per day, which is probably due to the increased social interaction that is happening online. If the same people were seeing each other in person on a daily basis, then they would probably fall out just as much.

People are not yet finding jobs only by social media

People may not be being hired solely via social media, but social media does give people a decided advantage when applying and taking interviews. People can learn things in social media such as the names of HR directors, their most recent UK essays review, or insider information about the business. In addition, during an interview when the applicant is asked what they know about the company, they can give a detailed description of the company, including any pertinent details they have pulled from social media.

Social media has become an important discovery tool for job opportunities, be it a search of LinkedIn’s jobs database, or a tweet from an individual you follow with a career opportunity.

Businesses are using social media as a free online tool

Many companies are learning that they can market their company for free using social media. This has lead to a massive transfer of marketing efforts, where companies are piling lots of money into social media marketing and forsaking other marketing methods in return, such as banner ads, billboards, and direct mail marketing. The results of this have been very varied, but interesting. Almost all companies have a very small conversion rate via their social media campaigns, but audience reach can be astronomical. The highest recorded conversion rate is 24%, but most conversion rates hover around the 2-3% mark.

On the other hand, the lack of conversion from social media viewer to website viewer is not a big problem. This is because social media is being used to build an online reputation and it does that quite well. Many people are made aware of new products via social media, and the online buzz about a company will often centre around its social media profiles.

Social media has taught businesses how to lower customer support costs

Social media has taught companies that they can handle a lot of their support issues with a very small budget. A lot of companies have had great success with their social media profiles by turning them into support systems. Instead of people emailing their website in order to find the solution to a problem, they check the social media profile of the company. The company offers to answer any questions that are submitted, and then publishes them and the solution on their social media profile. This lowers the amount of support emails that the company gets because customers consult the social media pages first to see if their problem has been answered. It also gives the business something new and fresh to post on their social media page every few days.

Social media has given businesses a new due diligence method

HR departments are not going online solely to social media to find employees. However, many companies have a due diligence protocol, and checking a person’s social media is often classified as ticking a certain due diligence box. Other due diligence boxes may include checking references, checking addresses, checking criminal records, checking qualifications, etc. A social media profile of an applicant may cast a poor light on an otherwise promising applicant, which may give rise to certain suspicions about the applicants honesty. Alternately, a social media that cast the applicant in a good light — perhaps their social media is focused on a professional topic or is well-written and produced — may actually increase the applicants chance of being hired.

Social media is definitely teaching us some interesting things about ourselves, the brands we interact with, and the relationships we have between us. It can be a powerful tool to manage support, online reputation development, and personal relationships, or, if used incorrectly, it can be the kill-stroke on a job application or deal you may be pursuing.

Emily Lucas is an experienced freelance writer and blogger for many sites, including topbritishessays.com. Her aim is to share big ideas with young audiences and provide useful tips for education and private life.

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