The Rise Of The Smart Web: New Hope For Finding Your Audience | via Forbes

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At long last, sanity and clarity may be coming to the Internet.

theclairbyrd‘s insight:

Our CEO, Guillaume Decugis, gave an interview with Forbes about how the web is changing in 2013.

“We’ve had the fun web [lolcats], we’ve had the beautiful web [pinterest], but now we’re moving from that to thinking about a new era of the “smart web.”

The smart web is not about the best robots or the best algorithms to find, filter, and share the best web content. The smart web is about coupling the je nais se quos of the human mind, judgement, and intuition with those robots to create a more meaningful internet.

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Eric Pomert
10 years ago

A sigh of relief as the dust of social media madness clears from my field of vision.

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