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Social media has been changing recently with the advent of cool new curation tools like us and RebelMouse, all of which extend the life of your social content by significant margins. With this in mind, tweets and other posts that are simply headlines with a link are no longer good enough. As social media continues to morph, you need to think about social like you think about SEO — optimized for clicking. A million retweets don’t count for much if no one ever actually interacts with your brand. As you create positioning for your social content, consider these new Social Calls-to-Action, or SCTAs.

1. Now, or social urgency

Studies have shown that posts containing words implying urgency like “now” or “act” perform significantly higher than their passive counterparts. Leverage action words in your social content that is relevant to both what you’d like the reader to do and leaves them feeling like they contributed to a cause.

2. Please, or social politeness

A study conducting by HubSpot revealed that social posts containing the word “Please” performed up to 160% better than posts without these words. Imagine that, people like being treated nicely! Asking your audience to help spread your message will be much more affective if you add a simple “please and thank you.”

3. Like, RT, Tweet, or social buzzwords

The same study by HubSpot concluded that posts that tell the reader what social action to take resulted in 50% increases in engagement on Twitter versus posts that were left vague. Use appropriate networks buzzwords to increase the engagement on the posts that matter.

Pro-tip: Don’t overdo it. People will stop listening if you ask them to retweet every single article or piece of content you post.

4. Click, Visit, or social transparency

If you are sending your readers “off-site” to a different web property, it pays to let them know where they are going. Posts with words including “click” or “visit” performed 20% better than their non-transparent counterparts. All people appreciate knowing where their going and making informed decisions about whether to click.

5. Numbers, or social influence

A well-known email marketing trick has also been proven effective in social media posting. Adding a relevant number near the beginning of your post has been shown to significantly increase click-through and engagement. Buzzfeed, a well known satire site, has developed an incredible audience focusing on just this technique. Give it a try and see how it goes!

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Virginia Harry
Virginia Harry
10 years ago

Interesting post, thank you. What do you mean by “a relevant number”?

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10 years ago
Reply to  Virginia Harry

Look at the headlines on buzzfeed:

15 Dogs Who Don’t Give A Crap About Your Carpet

The 15 Types Of Travelers You Always See At The Airport

14 Guaranteed Facts About What Will Happen At Tom Brady And Peyton Manning’s 14th Career Showdown

13 Reasons To Be Thankful For The Existence Of Billie Jean King

Belinda Summers
10 years ago

Social media tips are everywhere nowadays and all what’s listed above seems legit.Numbers really do matter especially for a post that talks about statistics and percentage, it’s a great introduction that will justify your post as factual and reliable. 🙂

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10 years ago

All people appreciate knowing where their going and making informed decisions about whether to click.

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valter dias
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valter dias
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