Integrating with LinkedIn Company Pages – the Untapped Opportunity for SMBs (Study Results)

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Several studies have shown that small and mid-size businesses massively use social media as a digital marketing tactic. But at we wanted to take it a step further: how do small and mid-sized businesses use social media? What are their key opportunities?

Over the past few months, we surveyed more than 3,000 SMBs: some within the user base, some outside of it. We asked questions, collected behavioral data and discovered intriguing findings which we plan to release in several parts – the first of which being in this SlideShare presentation.

The first lesson we learned is that LinkedIn Company Pages seem to be a major opportunity not yet leveraged by many SMBs. Though LinkedIn is THE business social network, SMBs still don’t see their future on LinkedIn and prefer to invest their time and effort in Facebook and Twitter. Interestingly, this is not because they don’t see the value: the large majority (67%) understands that LinkedIn is a great fit for them, but they simply don’t have the time nor the content they need to take advantage of LinkedIn Company Pages as an important marketing opportunity. Additionally, they lack ways to measure the impact their LinkedIn campaigns or content would have on their digital marketing strategies.

So today, we’re happy to announce that we’re introducing a solution to this problem by integrating LinkedIn Company Pages as a sharing option within That’s right: from now on, if you are the admin of your Company Page on LinkedIn, you can add it as a destination to share your scoops.

How does publishing-by-curation help?

As allows you to discover, curate and share content easily, you will now be able to frequently publish engaging content to your LinkedIn Company Page. If you’re already a user, you know that the platform’s content suggestion engine is a great way to save time sourcing fresh and relevant content. To take it a step further, with our premium plans, you can also measure the impact of curation through analytics or by integrating your Google analytics – covering the other top reasons for SMBs not taking advantage of LinkedIn Company Pages.

Not convinced? Here’s a stat for you: users publish and share 19 posts per month on average. Compare that with an average 97 days since the last update on US SMBs’ LinkedIn Company pages, combine that with the fact people are 50% more likely to purchase from a company they interact with on LinkedIn and you’ll see what we mean by “untapped potential”.

To get started sharing to your LinkedIn Company Pages, simply go to your sharing options, connect your LinkedIn account if you haven’t done so yet and then connect your LinkedIn Company Page under the “Other Social Meda” options:

We’ve had a lot of feedback from our users requesting this integration (which was only made possible recently by LinkedIn) so we’d love to hear from you now that it’s available: how does it help you and your business get more benefits from your LinkedIn presence? And if you were not active as a company, will you now reconsider your social media strategy to include LinkedIn Company Pages?

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[…] we wanted to take it a step further: how do small and mid-sized businesses use social media?See on Related Posts:5 Ways Strategic Social Media Can Help Small BusinessesHoliday Marketing Ideas for […]

10 years ago

How do you transfer scoopit posts between boards in the most seamless way. I use my boards to organize my articles for resharing, referencing, reading,resources and reviews(BTW is that enough r’s for you) for future use to my blogs and other future writings. Its a knowledge base. Therefore I always comment on anything I scoop and keep for my boards. BTW I like the integration feature that I can not only publish to my board but share with facebook and linkedin all at once.

Guillaume Decugis
10 years ago
Reply to  Darius

Here’s another R that will help you do that Darius: the rescoop. Have you tried that to easily repost a scoop to other topics?
Glad you like the new integration! Thanks for the feedback.

Ikincielesyaalinir Satilir
Ikincielesyaalinir Satilir
10 years ago

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10 years ago

Great adding for, if I was hesitant to upgrade this made me decided to join. Kudos for that!!!

Guillaume Decugis
10 years ago
Reply to  Ramoncete

Glad you like it! Thanks for the comment.

Avash Roy
Avash Roy
10 years ago

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