Content Strategy of disruptors: how Open Garden builds an engaged community around mesh networking

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Changing the world not only takes a great idea but also takes building momentum around it. The team at Open Garden, a San Francisco based startup, who could be to mobile data what Skype was to telephone calls, understood from the beginning how important it was to build a community around its disruptive idea.

But how can you do this when you’re also running a startup, coding a product and making deals with your first strategic partners?

Open Garden Co-founder & CEO Micha Benoliel explains in this video how using allows him and his team to build this kind of momentum through publishing by curation and thereby engaging their community around a key tenet of its mission mesh networking: – the awesome concept that we can all share wireless bandwidth (and that Open Garden makes a reality through its Apps and technology).

Just like any startup, Micha and his team – former Skype and Bittorrent employees – are experts on their market. So when they find relevant content either through or on the web, it’s easy for them to decide whether it’s worth sharing and publishing it to their fully-branded page. As Micha explains, the process “saves them time” while bringing “more information to their community”.

Micha describes a problem every startup has: if you’re in a hot market, there will be growing number of articles, videos or infographics that will start to cover it. As a result, you have a great opportunity to raise your voice and show your special expertise to potential partners, future customers, employees and investors by curating the best of it and enriching it with your own perspective. allows you to do just that as well as publish it all on your Web site, which of course will help increase engagement, improve SEO, and drive your social media audience to your own site.

Does it work?

In 2011, Open Garden won the Android Open Startup Showcase. In 2012, they won the Most Innovative Startup title at TechCrunch Disrupt with praise from Twitter-investor and star VC Fred Wilson who said of them that what the company did was “the most worthy of the conference name – Disrupt”. And just a few months ago, Open Garden won the 2013 G-Startup Award at the Global Mobile Innovator’s Conference.

Their secret for this great momentum? A disruptively innovative idea for sure. But also by becoming the “go to” place on the web where their audience can read why they will change the world.

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