1,000,000 people and businesses are now using Scoop.it!

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Today we have awesome news to share with all of you – actually a lot of you: Scoop.it now has 1,000,000 registered users!

As we pass this amazing milestone, we’re eternally grateful to our entire community: seeing that this many people trust us is exhilarating and super motivating for our entire team.

Thank you.

Interest-based content curation was only a vision 2 years ago when we launched: in a post Web 2.0 world, we felt that more and more we are the content we publish. Whether we liked it or not, we would all need to become media – a problem for busy professionals who don’t have time or inspiration for that and whose primary expertise is often not to be a content publisher.

Since then, publishing-by-curation rapidly turned into an important trend as 1,000,000 freelance professionals, community managers, content marketers, educators, knowledge managers, thought leaders, and more are now using Scoop.it to demonstrate and share their professional expertise, develop visibility for their small or mid-sized businesses or to make the company they work for smarter.

And as we recently published in this white paper on the impact of content curation for professionals to share the results of our survey of 1,550 professionals in the US, it just works: 76% of professionals who used content curation saw an impact on reported business goals in 2013. This not only means validation for the Scoop.it product as a solution to the above problem but it also has enabled us to build a rapidly growing business around it covering the needs of professionals, SMB’s and now even large companies. In short, we’re here to stay.

So as we celebrate, we also wanted to take the opportunity to share more details about who these Scoopiteers are, what they do, how they do it and what they’ve achieved which is why we pulled out the infographic below to build up on the little teasing game we did these past few days.

As some of you know and as it often happens in the startup world, Scoop.it was born out of a pivot from a previous failed project. So as we rejoice, we’re also staying humble as we realize we still have much to do. This is another important thing about the Scoop.it community: you’re not just 1,000,000 people – you’re 1,000,000 smart and savvy people who make us better. So please keep sending us feedback or ideas as you’ve always done: we’re listening!

And again, thank you.

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Guillaume Decugis
Co-Founder & CEO @Scoopit. Entrepreneur (Musiwave, Goojet). Engineer-turned-marketer. Skier. Rock singer. http://scoop.it/u/gdecugis
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Raphael Ducottet
10 years ago

Congratulation Sccop it! It is a real pleasure to be part of your adventure. And it is just the beginning !!
Vive la curation et l’adn francais de cette belle start up 🙂

Bonnie Hohhof
Bonnie Hohhof
10 years ago

Scoop.it is still the best content curation tool for content and use, and I’ve been in this area for over 20 years. You continue to add valuable capabilities and be responsive to your community, all without plastering ads all over the place. I look forward to another 3 years of superlative performance.

Jan Hesse
10 years ago

Amazing! Keep rollin’. Love your stats as much as mine 😉

Robin Rosenblatt
10 years ago

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wrong, why don’t you know it is wrong? http://youtu.be/hMF12Ru–yw

Support the Israel Longhorn Project help put a stop to it. http://longhornproject.org

Robin Rosenblatt, ex Israel Soldier and past Anti Terrorist Agent

Israel and I need your help with this!

Murry Shohat
Murry Shohat
10 years ago

As an early adopter of Scoop.it, I can testify to the platform’s power. Mazel tov, Guillaume, Scoop.it and all Scoopiteers. I believe that we’ve only begun to tap into the power of curation. Ideas going forward include enabling curators to attract advertising that produces compensation for the platform and the curator. Another idea that I’ve practised: Scoop.it — the headwater source for marketing automation.

10 years ago

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