How the right influencer strategy can amplify your content marketing

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Scaling Content Marketing is the key area of focus for many marketers these days. A number of strategies are being offered by experts, social networks or distribution platforms including the most natural one to them: pay for play. As Mark Schaefer wrote earlier this year, Content Marketing could be the victim of its own success if content strategists don’t put in place strategies to overcome the content abundance that results in diminishing returns. Earlier this year, Facebook for instance admitted to de-prioritize the organic reach of content from Facebook pages as users are more and more publishing content to more and more friends. The solution, they say? Buy ads to boost your post. And as LinkedIn and Twitter are also massively dependent on advertising revenue, this trend is here for good.

As mentioned in my reply to Mark, I believe there are ways to overcome content shock and scale Content Marketing through Lean Content. Interest-based content curation is an answer in the broad sense as it’s about leveraging existing content rather than adding to it but the team at Traackr puts it in a more specific context: influencer amplification.

Their point is a clear one: rather than paying for distribution, getting influencers to amplify your reach is a much more efficient approach.


To rise above the noise, convey a message and mobilize buyers, content marketers are turning to influencers.


To achieve that, co-creating with them and curating their content is not only a cost-effective approach compared to creating content alone but as explained in that great slideshare by the Traackr team, it’s also a way to:

get in their radar: as you share a curated piece from them and clearly mention them as the author, they’ll likely to take notice;

bring them to your site and have them discover what you’re all about, especially if you’re using a content hub to create engagement and conversions from your social media publishing;

have them amplify your reach by re-sharing to their own audience;

generate conversations with them that will eventually lead to co-creating content.

As a recent example of the above, I recently curated a post by Rachel Miller who took notice and discovered my page on that topic and tweeted it. The conversation went on and she invited me to join in her next ##SSHour tweet chat that she hosts with Brian Fanzo (which is next Monday by the way so please join us!).

It’s good to remember that content is not created in vacuum. It’s first and foremost a way to communicate from people to people. Involving influential people in your content strategy is a great way to keep it real and connected to your audience while extending its reach.

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