5 Top Trends Emerging From CMI’s 60 Content Marketing Predictions for 2015 eBook

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It’s time for our annual eBook of content marketing predictions. Read on to see what big trends, changes, and advances experts see on the horizon for our industry in the upcoming year.

Source: contentmarketinginstitute.com

What are the content marketing trends for next year? The Content Marketing Institute asked thought leaders around the world for their predictions and compiled that in this ebook. 

You can read mine above but there I encourage you to read the ebook for others as well. 

Cooperative content for content marketing by Jay BaerJay Baer’s (slide 10) is particularly interesting: “2015 will bring decentralized content creation programs with participants across the company (not just marketing), as well as content initiatives that rely on user-generated content in expanded and highly strategic ways. The best source of content in most companies may be right under your nose: your employees and customers.

This reflects trends we’ve already seen at work:

1. Making content “everybody’s job within companies. Which starts by content being better understood outside of marketing as CMI’s Michele Linn points out (slide 33). 

2. Involving influencers in your content marketing strategy, something Lee Odden (slide 11) also calls participation marketing and that he elaborates on in his own prevision also included in that ebook: “The value of co-creating content with the very audience you want to do business with is very powerful“.

The increasing importance of ROI that I’ve been commenting on and included in my own prediction is also something that’s reflected by others as, for instance, LinkedIn’s Mike Weir highlighting how lead generation through content will become easier and easier (slide 5). As Maggie Patterson also points out in her own prediction (slide 27), this will make content marketing not just an opportunity but a must have for smaller businesses – something I completely agree with.

To deliver this ROI, the content marketing ecosystem will evolve to be better integrated with CRM and marketing automation says Alana Fisher-Chekoski (Slide 47): if lead generation becomes the main KPI of B2B content marketing success, it certainly makes sense as content is the fuel of marketing automation which drives CRM these days. 

What other trends did you pick up for Content Marketing in 2015?

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