Thank You, Community Managers!

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Dear Community Managers,

A few short years ago, the term ‘community manager’ snuck into business world. Companies were rushing to find themselves one, even though they might not have even been sure what exactly he or she would do once she came along. Some of us have been doing it forever (since before the title was even created!), and some of us have just begun. Regardless of which of these categories you fall into, we at have one thing to say: thank you!

Thank you, community managers, for…

  • Bringing strangers together over shared interests
  • Staying up all night just to make sure everyone is happy
  • Being an advocate for community within your company
  • Working on weekends, holidays, birthdays, and special occasions
  • Always helping each other out
  • Knowing the meaning, and importance, of Twitter friends
  • Turning products into movements
  • Your undying passion for connecting people
  • Helping each other learn and improve
  • Spending an entire day dedicated to you working harder than ever to share your knowledge
  • Being the front line of the business and taking the heat when issues arise
  • Never giving up when faced with resistance
  • Trying every single new tool, network, and strategy out there
  • Supporting each other in every single thing we do
  • Being more than ready to celebrate
  • Knowing that you do more than just Tweet and post on Facebook all day
  • Loving social media just as much as the rest of us
  • Always being a people person, regardless of what’s going on in your life
  • Being friends with (almost) anyone
  • Knowing that every single day is some type of national holiday
  • Accepting the fact that your parents will never truly understand what you do
  • Never sending auto-DMs
  • Laughing it off when people take their anger out on you
  • Geeking out over tech and always being early adopters
  • Always having an extra phone charger
  • NEVER feeding the trolls
  • Being able to participate in three TweetChats at once, all while planning an event and creating a content calendar
  • Finding the perfect balance of proactivity and reactivity
  • Making room on your head for at least 10 metaphorical hats
  • Always knowing the wifi password
  • Knowing what I mean when I say “the Oreo tweet,” or “the Digiorno thing”
  • Being able to write a blogpost on just about anything
  • Throwing rockin’ conferences and parties where everyone’s always invited
  • Defining tools that you know everyone could use, and if they don’t exist, making them
  • Growing companies from 0 to 1 million users, and finally,
  • Being some of the best people out there.
Never stop being you.
thanks community managers
Much love,
Ally Greer & The Team


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Ally Greer
Ally is's Director of Content & Community. She loves to geek out over anything social, Internet, or tech related. When she isn't working, you'll probably find her running the streets of San Francisco. Follow Ally on Twitter @allygreer.
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Christin Kardos
9 years ago

This is one of the best things I’ve ever read. 🙂 Happy #CMAD to you, Ally.

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