Don’t Get Stuck With These Common Misconceptions About Content Marketing

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Some marketers make “content marketing” interchangeable with content-marketing activities like social media. Learn 9 misperceptions that devalue content marketing and its potential for success, and find out how to avoid making them again.


Stephen Moyers makes a great job at debunking some common misconceptions about Content Marketing on the CMI blog.

To focus on some of his points and add to what he wrote:


Content Marketing is not easy and cheap:

No and as a matter of fact, lack of time and resources to scale an effective content strategy was found the #1 hurdle of Content Marketers.

While Content Marketing is not easy and cheap, it is more scalable than other marketing strategies as there isn’t any high barrier to entry.

In addition, there are definitely ways to save and make time for content marketing and generate ROI. We’ve of course covered that aspect In our latest eBook, for which we’ve asked 15 marketing experts what were their advice to SMB content marketers. Their answer? Combining the right lean content marketing practices like repurposing content or curating content with the right software tools to automate repeatable tasks. Details here.

Content Marketing can and should be measured:

Measuring ROI of any marketing activity can be tricky. Brand awareness for instance can be hard or costly to measure. But in this post last year, we gave 6 ways to measure and improve the ROI of Content Marketing.

Measuring ROI can be progressive as well: you can start by measuring the impact of content marketing on KPI’s like traffic or engagement before measuring the full ROI by measuring how content generates leads and revenue. 

Content Marketing is more than content creation:

Stephen Moyers highlights the fact that promotion is key which I couldn’t agree more but I would spin the above sentence differently. Beyond creating and promoting content, successful content marketers also leverage a lot of existing content:

– by repurposing their own content,

– by curating existing, relevant and quality third-party content, a way to save time publishing content while adding credibility to their blogs or newsletters,

– by involving clients, influencers or industry experts in their content strategy: not only by curating and sharing their content to get in their radar and add to the volume they publish, but also by offering them to co-create with them. 

Content Marketing is one of the most efficient ways to build brand awareness and generate leads – especially for B2B Marketers. But overcoming the above misconceptions is important to be successful and generate results. 

If you want to get 30 effective techniques to master content marketing along with valuable insights from 10+ influencers like Mark Schaefer, Rebecca Lieb, Lee Odden, Jason Miller or Ian Cleary, download our free eBook now!


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