Winning with Authority: an integrated framework for online marketing, by 15 experts

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“15 thought leaders presenting at the Authority Rainmaker conference share integrated marketing advice on Design, Content, Traffic and Conversion.”


Do Content Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Marketing Automation, Demand Generation, Community Management and other marketing practices work in silos?

Not if you want to win.

That’s the key message from this eBook produced by Lee Odden‘s TopRank agency for Brian Clark‘s CopyBlogger which builds on advice by 15 top marketing experts on how to develop authority on your market. Taken together they form a very interesting proposal for an integrated framework for online marketing.

On our end, we still see many companies treat SEO, Content Marketing and Social Media Publishing as different things when it is more and more the same. The new SEO primarily depends on publishing great content that answers prospects and customers’ questions – which is the definition of Content Marketing – and this content needs to be shared on social media both for distribution and engagement purposes. A workflow summarized in the chart below:

Basic integrated framework for online marketing: distribute content to convert

This is a challenge from a talent standpoint for SMBs who can’t build extensive marketing teams because while all marketing activities need to be integrated, they also are very specific ad require different skills. SEO still requires technical skills for on-page optimization, content requires editorial skills, demand generation requires campaigns building skills for conversion, etc.

A solution for a growing number of SMBs willing to tackle online marketing in an integrated way is to leverage:

1. Integrated software tools to automate a number of repetitive tasks and provide an integrated workflow that makes it easier for non-specialists to do the right things.

WordPress SEO plugin, Yoast, is a great example of such a tool that even non-SEO experts can use to ensure their blog posts are meeting the basic required SEO criteria. It’s integrated in the WordPress publishing experience so that content producers can easily remember to check it and green light their posts from an SEO standpoint.

Our own Content Director was also built with this vision as content marketing best practices are built-in: publishing consistently every week, distributing in an optimized way to social channels, delivering curated roundup newsletters by email, etc…

2. Outsourcing: a growing number of platforms let you access marketing specialists on demand as we developed here. Julie, our Content Marketing Director, also shared her own experience with outsourcing in this post.

Marketing activities require specialists. But marketing success requires a good integration of all the various activities into a consistent operation.

If you want to get 30 effective techniques to master content marketing along with valuable insights from 10+ influencers like Mark Schaefer, Rebecca Lieb, Lee Odden, Jason Miller or Ian Cleary, download our free eBook now!


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Ugo Chukwuemeka
9 years ago

Sometimes also, I think it could be about confidence. Whatever one does in life, one has to be confident about it. That’s what brings success later. Soon as we can prove that we’re growing at something and can continue that way, we’re creating a pattern that can last long. In our benefit.

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