Mobile content curation: save (even more) time publishing content with the new iPhone App

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Mobile content curation at the speed of light

I’ve always been a big advocate that content curation was a perfect format for mobile users. No matter how good blogging Apps like the beautiful WordPress App can be, writing 800 words on your iPhone will never be easy. But just like pictures, curated posts are a natural fit for mobile users. Why? Because first reading news on smartphones has become common (and remember reading is your content gold mine) and second because the creation effort involved in curation is more limited: adding a 150-200 word insights to something you’ve read and selected is easy.

So today, we’re glad to give you a tour of the new App for iPhone that, according to MarketingHits founder Brian Yanish who was among the firsts to spot it on the App store, is “making it easier than ever to curate“.

Share directly from Safari with the native iOS share extension (aka “bye bye copy/paste”)

Our new iPhone App integrates with the native iOS share extension which means that, once configured, you can curate and share anything you read directly from Safari without having to copy and paste content anymore. This means you can build your online presence faster than ever.

Share directly from Safari Mobile using the new iPhone App

To configure this feature, simply open Safari and click on the Share button, then click on More, find out in the list of destinations and activate it. Back on Safari, you’ll now see among the native sharing destinations as on the screenshot above.

What happens then when you click from that sharing menu? You’ll be automatically brought into the App which will prepare your scoop for you: check it out to make sure everything looks good, edit the title or image, add your commentary in the insight area, chose your sharing options and simply hit the scoop button when you’re done.

You’ll go through the whole process in only a few minutes and you’ll have a curated post on your page, your website or your blog with corresponding social posts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc…

Publish content on the go to WordPress, Yammer, Tumblr, Buffer, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook

We’ve also redesigned the sharing options so that they’re consistent with your website experience. This means that you can use as your content hub to feed your online and social presence across all your channels.

What should you do to configure that?


The system automatically updates your sharing options from what you’ve chosen on the website.

Share content on the go to all your channels easily with the iPhone App

If you’re aiming at saving time doing all your social media updates, this is a great way to leverage your mobile time.

New gesture-based controls: scoop with a swipe

The new iPhone App introduces gesture-based controls to easily discard or select content to curate from your suggestion engine.

Swipe left to discard content, swipe right to read or scoop content from your suggested content list:

Save time finding content to curate with the iPhone App


Our new App was designed to help you save even more time curating content by leveraging your mobile time and integrating our publishing experience closer to your reading.

Brian Yanish on the iPhone App

Give it a try and send us your feedback or review it in the App Store: we’d love to hear from you!


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Kevin Morrison
Kevin Morrison
8 years ago

Anyone that uses a phone to write 800+ is a disconnected moron, or someone with far to much time on their hands. Just because you can does not mean you should!

Guillaume Decugis
8 years ago
Reply to  Kevin Morrison


Your comment made my day but when I think of all the emails I send, I wonder whether sometimes, the joke isn’t on me… But anyway, yes, that’s our point: lighter forms of expression are better suited to mobile and content curation is one of them.

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