The best content marketing tools for the promotion phase (5/6)

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best content marketing tools edition 5 promotion phase

Last editions:

#1: The best content marketing tools for the research phase.

#2: The best content marketing tools for the creation phase.

#3: The best content marketing tools for the optimization phase.

#4: The best content marketing tools for the publishing phase.

We mentioned how much content marketing is an opportunity to build an audience in an authentic way, if you’re willing to invest the time to do things right.

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This week, we’ll go over the best content marketing tools to help you in your optimization phase.

The best content marketing tools for the promotion phase.

1. Reach out to influencers in your niche or industry: Ninja Outreach.

One of the most powerful ways to get more exposure for your content is to tell influencers about it – the right influencers. This paid online tool speeds that process way up. It also works for finding bloggers who might be interested in writing about your product. If Ninja Outreach isn’t quite working for you, check out

2. Advertise.

Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter or elsewhere, consider spending even a little bit of cash to promote your best content.

3. To promote your content on other sites: Zemanta.

These strategically-placed display, “in-stream” and text ads can get your content out in front of new audiences.

4. Another way to promote your content on other sites: Outbrain.

Outbrain is considered a “content discovery platform”. It puts a small ad for your piece of content on sites and specific content pages where readers might be interested in it.


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justin Martin
8 years ago

Great Article

8 years ago
Reply to  justin Martin

Thanks Justin!

Ronald Roberge
Ronald Roberge
8 years ago

Well written! It is really good for content marketer who wants to optimize his work. I would add using the tools to the list of 7 crucial tactics for content marketing strategy. Thanks for sharing your article.

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