Content everywhere: connect to your favorite apps with Zapier

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Connect to your favorite apps with Zapier

Discovering good content about your topics you can re-use to grow your thought leadership and increase traffic to your content can be a tough task. There are quite a few tasks to do:

researching the content across the web,

filtering through it to find the most relevant articles,

adding value to the original post to make it your own curated post,

publishing it on your topic or on your blog, and

distributing the content across all of your channels,

scheduling other social media messages to promote the post over time. aims to give you that precious time back by easily surfacing quality content that is relevant to your audience by just entering a few keywords and allowing you to easily add your own insight, publish to your topic or blog and share wherever you would like with a few other mouse clicks. You can also generate leads right from the content you share and create and send newsletters to your readers in minutes.

Why integrations matter for content curation and content marketing software.

To make that content valuable, it needs to be published wherever your audience can find it and that’s why we’ve built integrations to many platforms ever since we started to work on of course all the major social networks but also blogging platforms such as WordPress or Tumblr so you can publish curated blog posts, email services such as MailChimp so you can create content newsletters easily and send leads to your email lists, social media apps such as Buffer or Hootsuite, etc… All these integrations bring a lot of value to the experience and mean that as a user, you can save time not only discovering great content but also publishing it wherever it will have a meaningful impact on your audience.

But as our user base kept on growing, so did the requests for new integrations. We now have millions of users and even though we’re committed to support the main platforms out there and we’ll keep on adding new ones, we haven’t unfortunately been able to support all your requests…

Until now!

Connect to your favorite apps with Zapier.

Today, we are making even more flexible by adding Zapier. Starting today, you’re able to connect with hundreds of apps via the Zapier integration, including the ones you already use daily. Your content discovery and sharing is even easier. Send leads you gather to your CRM, email marketing platform, or even post to from any other Zapier connected app.

Here are just a few examples:

If you’re not familiar with Zapier, it’s a platform that connects hundreds of Apps together through their APIs. The idea is simple: if something happens in one App (defined as a “
trigger” in Zapier’s terminology), an action can automatically be taken in another App. A “Zap” is a combination of a trigger in one App and an action in another App. That means that if your favorite App connects with Zapier, it now connects with too! To get started, all you need is a account (note: some Zaps will require a Content Director account) and a Zapier account. You can then use any of the above examples or start building your own.

Want to work smarter and start generating real results from your content marketing? Find out how to use the new Content Director to help you become a smarter marketer!

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Julie Gauthier
Julie was our Director of Marketing. Before joining the other side of the Force, Julie was a client of while managing the Marketing of another SaaS software start-up in San Francisco for 2 years (Ivalua). With a Master’s Degree in Consulting from Audencia Graduate School of Management, Julie has lived in 4 different countries and worked in Marketing and Consulting for Apple, l’Oréal, Cartier and Weave Consulting. Besides being a tech nerd tweeting about New Technologies (@JulieGTR), Julie is a pretty serious sports addict (ski, muay thai, field hockey, tennis, etc.), a traveling fanatic and a foodie (either in the privacy of her kitchen or at new trendy restaurants).
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Elle Draper
Elle Draper
8 years ago

I love Scoop. But I’d love it even more if you had plans to integrate it with Bufferapp too. Currently I share articles from third parties across a good number of networks daily (16 posts per day) using Buffer – but I have to manually share to Scoop… so I only do it for my own articles rather than all my third party sources. I see that Zapier will work in one direction to Buffer (so I could get lots of content FROM Scoop) but I’d love it to work in the opposite direction (so I could add lots of… Read more »

8 years ago
Reply to  Elle Draper

Hi @E@elledraper:disqus – Sure. We’ve actually been integrated with Buffer since late 2012 🙂 You can connect a Buffer account as part of your sharing options which is your first scenario (FROM to social networks). The second one can be done through Zapier by selecting Buffer with the “New Buffer item” as the first App and then with the “Publish a scoop” action as the second App. This page should help: but let us know.

Elle Draper
Elle Draper
8 years ago
Reply to  scoopit

That was quick – thank you! What I originally meant (and explained poorly) was that I wanted to be able to add Scoop as a Social Network on my Buffer control panel. Currently they only accept Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, G+ and Pinterest. I think they’re missing a trick by not including your site :o) Have just looked at Zapier and it does give me a workaround – as long as I make 8 new zaps to cover my existing social network accounts in Buffer. I’m going to trial it for the two weeks and then weigh up the cost (it… Read more »

Guillaume Decugis
8 years ago
Reply to  Elle Draper

Thanks Elle! You should tell Buffer 😉 But yes, the workaround should work and that’s why this Zapier integration is so cool. Don’t hesitate to share your zaps with us once you’ve built them.

Enamul Hoq
8 years ago

l like scoop vary much and it nice post here !!
8 years ago

Awesome addition. Is this free by any chance. I hope so.

8 years ago

@pin@pinoyathleticsinfo:disqus Some of it definitely is 🙂 Zapier has a free plan as well and some integrations are within the scope of both their free plan and ours. For instance, this Zap can be used for free.

8 years ago

Great post! We just recently posted an article entitled 1 Quick Tip to Move Marketing Leads Through the Funnel Faster that details an awesome way to combine HubSpot, Slack and Zapier for an easy lead-notification solution. Check it out!

Philipp Walzer
Philipp Walzer
8 years ago
Reply to  renaypicard


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