The #1 step you need to take to maximize your content reach

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how to maximize your content reach

We recently surveyed 1,000+ SMB marketers on their content activities. 80% claimed they invested time to maintain a blog, which is great. Creating content is now an accepted necessity, especially for small and medium-sized businesses who need organic traffic to get noticed amongst their competitors.

Blogging can be challenging, I’ll give you that. Creating impactful content regularly for your audience takes time, money, and the added burdens of optimization, finding the right image, title, etc.

But creating good content is not enough: you have to invest part of your content marketing efforts towards optimizing the full content marketing cycle.

What happens if you don’t ?

You’ll fall victim to the same unfortunate fate that befalls 50% of other published articles: they are shared less than 8 times (Source: BuzzSumo)


This number is scary in another way: it means that over 50% of posts are not even shared twice on the social channels of their own companies. 

Learn how to optimize the full content marketing cycle the right way.

Sharing posts multiple times – low hanging fruit to maximize your content reach?

Over 65% of marketers do not re-share posts on a regular basis:

Only about 35% of marketers always reshare their blog posts

Why spend so much time creating content if it’s left to die immediately after?

Imagine if radio stations had played Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean only once: would it have still become the 80’s biggest hit? Probably not. The same analogy can be made with your content. If you want it to stand out among the others and go down in the rockstar hall of content fame, you have to promote it more than once.

But let’s continue with this music analogy: when was the last time you heard Billie Jean on the radio? Probably not in the 80’s, right? So just like back-catalogue golden hits get played over and over again, your successful evergreen content should be re-shared over and over again.

When discussing the results of the survey with marketers, consultants and agencies, we discovered several major reasons for why they weren’t re-sharing their content:

  • It’s complicated: programming 2 blog posts per week on 6 social channels (yours and your company’s) means maintaining a backlog of 48 social media posts to publish after just 4 weeks (= 2 posts x 6 channels x 4 weeks).
  • Risk of over-doing it and creating audience fatigue from failing to keep track of your sharing history: nobody wants to lose followers in the process.
  • The only reason we still hear Billie Jean today is because the song is really great. In order for you to re-share evergreen and successful posts, you need a system that allows you to identify success in a way that is simple, fast and efficient.

Maximize your content reach with Content Director

Today, we’re excited to introduce a new feature that will solve all of the above problems and enable 100% of marketers to leverage smart, organic content distribution to maximize their content reach: our new Promote feature. This new feature gives you incredible leverage and control because these distribution techniques depend exclusively on you: no promotion budget needed, no favors to ask of anyone. Content Director’s Promote feature allows you to:

  • Re-share a week’s worth of content across as many social channels as you want however many times you want in just minutes
  • Gain full visibility on your complete sharing history for that post (past and future) so you can re-share responsibly without provoking audience fatigue
  • Additional complete sharing history visibility for new posts that you want to launch and promote
  • Identify older, evergreen or successful content to re-share from within your promotion workflow

Additional details of the Promote feature include:

  • Promote new posts multiple times across many channels
  • Identify and re-share older posts that deserve it

1. How to re-share new posts multiple times across multiple social channels without creating audience fatigue

Because Content Director is synchronized with your website, you can see directly within your smart calendar the most recent posts that have been published:

Select a recent post in your smart calendar

Click ‘Promote’ and you’ll pop-up a calendar-based view of all your social channels with the past, present and future shares of the post on each of them:


Simply click on the calendar cells to add new shares. The calendar view gives you full control and visibility to ensure you’re not overdoing it.

2. How to identify and re-share evergreen and successful posts to re-share

Identify the posts that convert and that you should re-share

Figuring out the number of leads generated by each and every one of your blog posts can be quite complex. We’ve actually created a guide on this, but have taken things a step further here: we’ve built this natively into Content Director so that it becomes accessible to other parts of the software such as our new Promote feature.

With just a simple click, the following view will pop up to help you easily identify which evergreen pieces of content to re-share:

How to identify great content to re-share

Each of these posts is displayed with the traffic, shares and leads it generated since Content Director tracks this information on a post-by-post basis.

Schedule upcoming weeks and months of social media messages for each post

Clicking Promote will give you access to the sharing timeline for each of your posts across all your social channels as in the below calendar view:


You can then easily click on each of the calendar cells to create corresponding shares or click on ‘Add Shares’ to program multiple shares at once for this particular channel.

The number count on the left of each social destination tells you how many shares have been planned the weeks before this week and the one on the right counts all the shares scheduled in the upcoming weeks. That way you can make sure not to overdo it.

With the Promote feature, content is automatically scheduled based on your goals as with the “Auto (based on goals)” option.

Instead of adding shares one by one, you can create an entire program of multiple shares for multiple channels to maximize the reach of your content while making sure you’re not over-sharing. And of course, you can revise and fine-tune your posts by clicking on any blue box that represents an upcoming share.

So, are you ready to maximize your reach and leverage your organic content distribution to its full potential? We hope you enjoy the new Promote feature and look forward to hearing your feedback in the comments below!

Want to work smarter and start generating real results from your content marketing? Find out how to use the new Content Director to help you become a smarter marketer!

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Image by Shay Haas.

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