’s content marketing & technology survey: what are your expectations from technology in 2016?

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content marketing and technology survey

What are the biggest challenges you face today with content marketing? How much time and money do you invest in your content marketing efforts? Can technology help make you more efficient?

These are all questions you’ve more than likely asked at one point or another. We’ve even asked them ourselves. While content marketing has continued to grow and further establish itself as a critical tool for marketers today, it has also become more complicated and challenging than ever before. Many marketers struggle with a lack of time and resources necessary to create quality content consistently, which is essential for content marketing in order to be effective. Creating good content is challenging enough by itself, and it’s often where most marketers get stuck- and unfortunately it’s only a piece of the constantly evolving content marketing lifecycle, for which success requires optimization at every stage.

At, we’re interested in understanding how technology can increase efficiency and help overcome the biggest content marketing challenges faced by marketers with limited time and resources.

In order to better understand the role of technology in content marketing, we’ve put together this survey.

The 2016 Content Marketing & Technology Survey

After polling the minds of top influencers in the space, it’s now your turn. Can technology help alleviate the challenges faced by marketers in their content marketing efforts?

Please share your thoughts and the expectations you have for the role of technology in content marketing in this 10 minute survey.

Your participation will help us to gain a deeper understanding of what your expectations are from technology in content marketing, and where you see technology having the greatest impact on your content marketing efforts in 2016. Our intent is to achieve a greater knowledge of the role you expect technology to take in content marketing, and to share the results with you in order to create an open dialogue.

Please note that your individual answers to this survey are entirely anonymous and will not be shared under any circumstances with or sold to any external parties. We will only use this data as part of a larger, combined member demographics profile.

What happens next?

Don’t you worry, we’re planning to share the results with you once they’ve been collected and analyzed. Stay tuned for the results in an upcoming article and newsletter!

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