This week in content marketing: tips, AI & video marketing

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What’s better than a bit of content marketing inspiration to start the week? Here are 3 content marketing posts that I absolutely loved, and I thought it would be good to share them with you guys. Let’s go!

4 content marketing things that turn off your audience by Neil Patel, Content Marketing Institute


Image credit: Burak Kostas

“The farther you get from audience-centric content, the less impact your content will have.” Neil Patel

First, let’s talk about this very informative and well-written article from Neil Patel – here he gives us 4 content marketing things that are real turnoffs for your audience:

1. Making it about you, not your audience

2. Being preoccupied with selling

3. Being too SEO heavy

4. Having a “more, more, more” mindset

If your goal is to reach content marketing success, you should read the full article!


11 Ways to Make Marketing Automation More Intelligent (and Truly Automated) with AI by Paul Roetzer, Marketing AI Institute


Image credit: Pixabay

“While we expect marketing automation companies to rapidly develop and integrate AI capabilities in the months and years ahead (through both acquisitions and internal R&D), for now, marketers need to piece together AI-powered products and integrate them into their core marketing technology stack.” Paul Roetzer

Let’s keep going. Today, technology plays a major role in the way we do content marketing. We all acknowledge that. In this article, Paul Roetzer gives us some very good insights on how AI can help us:

  • Discover content ideas
  • Write content
  • Automate content
  • Personalize content
  • Create ad copy
  • Manage digital ad campaigns
  • Test content
  • Draft and publish social media updates
  • Review analytics and write performance reports
  • Recommend strategies and allocate resources

Read the full article and get really good insights on AI capabilities, as well as very useful tools you can use to be a better marketer!

How videos can transform your content marketing strategy by Nathalie Cohen-Sheffer,

Image credit: Teono123 No

Image credit: Teono123 No

“60% of people have said that videos of products have actually increased their confidence in the purchase, making them less likely to return items.” Nathalie Cohen-Sheffer

In this post, Nathalie Cohen-Sheffer gives us really good reasons to use more videos in our content marketing strategy. Video marketing is rewarding – it increases traffic to your site, it makes your content stand out, improves your audience interests and so much more. Read the full article to get further details as well as good advice on how to make the best out of video marketing.


CTA and you how good is your content marketing - take the content marketing roi grader

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