Marketers, here’s why you should give up the fear of artificial intelligence

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It’s tough to envision a machine generating great content ideas, not to mention creating that content. Or so you might think – Content Marketing Institute

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Another great article from content marketing influencer Sujan Patel. In this post, he discusses how artificial intelligence could impact our jobs as content marketers, and especially when it comes to content creation. He gives us a good reality check on the myths and realities of automated writing.

Don’t panic – AI is not coming soon to replace content marketers

On this topic, Sujan Patel’s opinion is pretty straightforward: artificial intelligence is hot, it’s doing great, but it’s not coming soon to take your job as a content marketer. But here is the truth: machines are already creating content and they are pretty good at it. AI is able to generate accurate, coherent and informative content.

The main thing here is humanity. And that’s what makes all the difference. Even though machines can do a pretty good work at writing content, they still don’t think creatively. “Its capabilities are based on the information we humans provide”, says Sujan Patel.

And that’s not going to change anytime soon. 

So you might ask – how artificial intelligence can impact my job without replacing it? What does it mean for my content today?

Artificial intelligence helps you take better decisions

There are some interesting take-aways on what it means for your content today. Some questions you should ask yourself:

  • How would my content be different if it was written by a robot?
  • Do I know my target audience?
  • Am I showing empathy for my readers?

We wrote a whole piece on the matter. At, we see artificial intelligence as an opportunity rather than a threat. And we strongly believe it helps you:

AI helps you write better content

Artificial intelligence is your best bet to create more impactful content. It helps you identify trends, keywords, ideas that are relevant to your audience. But remember – content marketing works when it’s authentic. Online visitors are looking for brands they can connect with, so you can’t really underestimate the power of the human touch. Plus, you should ask yourself: can a machine relate to your prospect’s needs? Not so sure.

This article from SEMrush puts it this way: “Successful content is human and provides real value to the audience while traditional methods of advertising are less personal and as a result, less engaging to customers.”

Couldn’t agree more.

AI helps you identify improvement opportunities

Artificial intelligence also helps you create content that is likely to generate more results by reminding you of the best practices in content marketing, but also by providing actionable insights recommendations to improve your performance. For example, it could help you identify top converting content that could be repurposed in new campaigns, or assist simply suggest better calls-to-action for your existing posts that have a low conversion rate, etc.

In a nutshell – if you want to make better decisions and create more impactful content, AI is certainly your best bet.


Artificial Intelligence is not the future. It’s already here. And we should embrace it as an opportunity rather than a threat. While it is able to produce very accurate, data-backed pieces of content, it still lacks the creative side we human beings have. That’s why we agree with Sujan Patel and believe that content marketers have nothing to worry about for now, robots are not replacing content creation yet. However, embracing artificial intelligence helps you take better decisions in the way you create, distribute, and analyze your content.

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