11 tricks to create great facebook ad designs [infographic]

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Facebook is undeniably the most popular social media network at the moment. As a matter of fact, 175 million individuals will log in every single day. So when Facebook introduced the option to advertise on their website, many companies saw it as an excellent opportunity to promote their products and expand the customer base. The data shows that three million different companies from all around the globe use Facebook Ads.

It is clear that there is a lot of competitiveness between the businesses that use Facebook Ads. After all, they need to attract the potential customers as they scroll through their personal feeds. You have probably seen many ads yourself, but you didn’t click on each of them, did you? Therefore, the ad needs to stand out right away. Facebook did develop the effective targeting as a part of the algorithm, so you can be certain that your ad will appear to someone who would be interested in the products you are selling.

A successful Facebook ad will increase the traffic to your website and attract more customers to your brand. But there might be many other companies that are reaching the same audience as your own business. Your goal should be to find the way to make your ads interesting and eye-catching. Get to know your target audience and their needs as well. So are there more ways to increase your chances of success?

Facebook Ads are very easy to use, and the website itself will guide you through each and every step. Learning as much as you can about the way Facebook Ads work is great, but not obligatory. You don’t have to worry about uploading your advertisement because the process is quite simple. However, you need to pay close attention to the overall design. Don’t rush it, and do as much research as needed. Once you decide on the goal of your ad, figuring out the look will be quick.

The infographic from Assignmenthelper.com.au has eleven tricks which can guide you through the creation of your new Facebook ad. It will explain how to build an effective ad that will make your future clients stop scrolling through their feeds, and check out your business. Each trick features a short description that will tell you the basic information on how to apply it to your design.

Facebook marketing experts use the same tricks when designing the ads and you can benefit from their knowledge too!

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