4 Different Ways to Make Your Email Marketing More Engaging

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4 Different Ways to Make Your Email Marketing More Engaging

Email marketing is an invaluable tool for companies trying to improve their relationship with customers and increase traffic to their website. However, it can be quite difficult to achieve success with email campaigns – more so than other forms of advertising.

Anybody can post social media content and see a decent amount of engagement from consumers. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for email marketing.

Email marketing requires a lot of skill, as you need to understand not only how to create the content but also how to manage the campaign and analyse the data.

If you don’t learn these skills and use your email marketing campaign correctly, then you could find that you don’t get the best possible return on your investment.

Sending out email newsletters and regular communications costs money and time. You need to find the email sending platform that works well for you and to invest in creative support to craft engaging content.

As such, business owners need to educate themselves on how to successfully create engaging content for their email ad campaigns. Luckily, we are going to be discussing this exact subject matter in our article today. Find out more by reading on and checking out our practical tips.

1.) Tailor Messages

Consumer behavior has changed in recent years. People nowadays only tend to engage with content that is highly personalized or relevant to them. This means that they won’t bother looking at your messages if they are too general. For example, you can’t send one email to thousands of people because they simply won’t care. In fact, it might even irritate them and land you in their spam folder. That could affect your future email deliverability and seriously harm your business. So, if you want to make your email marketing more engaging, then you need to send tailored messages. Fortunately, specialist software can help you with this. These tools can segment your contact list (based on their browsing history, customer classification, etc), allowing you to send messages which are highly relevant to them. Furthermore, email marketing software is able to preface your messages with the person’s name, immediately grabbing their attention and making the email feel like it has been written for them. All these things make the consumer much more likely to engage with the content.

2.) Beautify Emails


Appearances matter. They capture our attention and affect our perception. They are not to be underestimated, especially when it comes to marketing. People are much more inclined to engage with something which looks attractive and so you need to invest a decent amount of time into beautifying your emails. Once again, email marketing software has your back. Most programs are integrated with drag and drop tools, alongside templates that you can choose and customise to your liking. For example, you could use newsletter templates to make your monthly post to clients look more attractive than ever before. Aesthetics are also an excellent way to establish your brand’s identity through tone and color. For example, if you are selling a fashion-forward product, you could reflect this with contemporary graphics and bubble-gum colors in your emails. Appearances will also affect how legitimate and professional customers perceive your company to be. Emails which are poorly formatted or designed can cause people to distrust you, making them far less likely to engage with the content. Keep this in mind.

3.) Diversify Content


Nobody wants to read the same message over and over again. Simply writing new content won’t make a difference if the subject matter and format remains the same. Therefore, we suggest diversifying the content that you push out in your email marketing campaigns. Your customers and clients are far more likely to engage with something fresh that they haven’t heard about before. But what do we mean by diversifying content? Well, this involves branching out from blogs and newsletters. You might want to create podcasts or videos for people to enjoy. Running competitions or soliciting feedback are also viable options. Furthermore, make sure to intersperse graphics throughout your email marketing content because images can add some flair to even the driest of emails. By pushing out content that is a little more varied and visually playful, you should start to see engagement increase again. Using varied mediums, you can capture your reader’s attention and make them interested when they see an email from you, rather than feeling weary and bored.  

4.) Inverted Pyramid


What do pyramids have to do with making email marketing more engaging? Quite a lot, actually. The ‘inverted pyramid’ is a writing technique used to help prioritize and structure information. Basically, we should include the most critical information at the top of our content and the less important things at the bottom. This innovative approach works well because people often tend to lose interest beyond the first few paragraphs. As such, it is essential to quickly hook them in and communicate everything as soon as possible – before their attention drifts elsewhere. This principle most definitely applies to email marketing. After all, readers receive a lot of email content, and if you don’t capture their attention quickly then you will lose them and be resigned to a folder. When writing out your messages to customers, keep this knowledge in mind and include only the very most newsworthy information in the first paragraph. This should grip the reader’s interest from the outset. We also recommend structuring your paragraphs to be as concise as possible. This means no long sentences or big chunks of text – three or four lines will more than suffice. The faster you communicate information, the more likely you are to make an impact and achieve your email marketing goals.

Creating the perfect email marketing campaign takes a lot of trial and error, as well as research. Follow our advice, and you should start to see engagement increase for your email marketing campaigns. Remember to make everything fresh, attractive and tailored to see the best results.

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