What Are The Differences Between The Plus and The Enterprise Plan?

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What are the differences between the plus and the enterprise plan?

For years, Scoop.it has provided content solutions for individuals and the enterprise. When I talk with Scoop.it customers, they often ask about the differences between solutions and which is best suited for their needs. I have written this article to summarize these differences.

Manage a private content space and collaborate as a team with Scoop.it Enterprise

One aspect that sets Enterprise apart is the ability to launch a private and collaborative space. With this functionality, you can manage which team members have access to which content topics.

You don’t have to go it alone. Sometimes, you need to collaborate with teammates to aggregate quality content on a topic. This is possible with Scoop.it Enterprise.

The PLUS plan is limited to one user and is public, which means that anyone can view your curated content.

Create white labeled newsletters using all kinds of content, using Scoop.it Enterprise

The newsletter feature is key when you use Scoop.it. In just a few clicks, it enables you to send your marketing intelligence to larger audiences. There is a version available in the PLUS plan, in a limited format. Here’s what newsletters in PLUS look like:

  • With the PLUS plan, you can use the Scoop.it template editor to create a great newsletter in just a few clicks.

  • You can then choose how to export your newsletter. If you would like to send it through Scoop.it, you will be limited to 50 recipients with the Plus plan.

  • When using the PLUS version, the Scoop.it logo is included in your newsletter. 

With the enterprise plan you will also have access to the existing templates or choose to create it from scratch using a simple drag-and-drop feature. This means you choose where posts, images and text are placed within your newsletter. 

You can then create your newsletter based on your template and add your post with a drag and drop.

Another great feature that Enterprise users can enjoy is the automated creation on your newsletters. You can select the day, the time and from which topics the content should be added to the newsletter. You will be notified by email that your newsletter is ready. You can then simply check it, change anything if you wish to do so and then send it.

If you choose to send your newsletter through a campaign within Scoop.it you will then have access to analytics of your newsletter: clicks, opens etc.

Expand your content discovery, research, and monitoring through Scoop.it Enterprise

Scoop.it PLUS provides content suggestions and results based on simple queries. The Enterprise product provides a more robust content discovery functionality. Scoop.it Enterprise allows you to created advanced Boolean queries that allow you to manage and refine your queries with a greater level of accuracy. The queries are structured by including and excluding words and phrases in different levels of content (titles, content, URL, etc), all while linking levels of the search through ‘ands’ and ‘ors’. Here’s what it looks like:

The content suggestions available in Scoop.it PLUS are much more basic:

But wait, there’s more. Enterprise also gives you the ability to manually manage sources! These sources include RSS feed, Twitter users and lists, YouTube channels, and more. Here’s an example of these different sources setup and the easy organization component required for enterprise-level content monitoring:

Once you’ve added sources, you can filter them for specific topics or themes. From there, you can quickly and easily access, editorialize, and publish:

With the PLUS plan, you won’t be able to control your own sources, but you can still enjoy the aforementioned suggested content

Aggregate white labeled curated content across multiple websites and blogs through Scoop.it Enterprise

The PLUS plan allows you to directly integrate content on a single WordPress website. For some use cases, this is enough but for others with more complex structures or for agencies, multiple websites integration is needed. This is possible with Scoop.it Enterprise. With Enterprise, you can connect multiple websites to your research topic. You’ve also got options for specific projects with other integrations, such as our API.

And that wraps up my summary of the key differences between Scoop.it Enterprise and the PLUS plan. To learn more, request a demo and we’ll be happy to help!

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