7 Ideas to Amp Up Your Email Marketing Strategy 

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7 Ideas to Amp Up Your Email Marketing Strategy

It is a universal fact that email marketers often run out of ideas about what to send to their subscribers. “Marketer’s block” is as real as “writer’s block”. As your subscribers receive countless emails each day, it becomes imperative to think of new ways to build the email readership. Often, marketers get complacent and keep running the same type of emails that might leave the readers bored and compel them to unsubscribe. To avoid such a scenario, we are here with different types of content that you can send in your emails. 

7 Types of Content You Can Send in Emails

  1. Welcome Email

Once you get a new registration on your sign-up form, you must send a welcome email or a series of welcome emails. Your new subscriber waits for this email from you. Therefore, it brings the highest open and click-through rate. 

Your welcome email should introduce your brand to your subscribers and let them know about your business. Some brands even take into account the medium through which the subscriber registered. They will receive different messages according to that. 

If you are in the ecommerce sector, you might have to send a welcome email after a subscriber makes the first purchase. In such cases, you can add relevant suggestions and product recommendations in the welcome email. It will encourage the subscriber to make another purchase from you soon enough. 

You can also share your story along with the mission and vision statement of the company in the welcome email. Let the subscribers know about your philanthropic approach rather than simply selling to them.

Here’s an example from Top

  1. Marketing Emails

A large chunk of your marketing strategy will be formed by promotional emails. That is an indispensable part of your content calendar. So, how will you bring freshness to this type of content?

The answer is: Try to strike the correct balance between informative content and promotional pitch. Aim to educate your audience about the need of your product and then place the CTA to encourage them to convert. 

Take a look at this email by Eat Sunny. Rather than using any complicated medical terminologies, they have used a lucid language to explain the advantages of the Mediterranean diet. 


Also, experiment with different visuals like GIFs, cinemagraphs, and videos. 

For example: If you are in the ecommerce sector, you can use GIFs to showcase the entire product range. 

Here’s how Anthropologie has done it in their promotional email. They have displayed their home favorites with the help of a GIF. It shows how comfortable their products are and entices the users to take action. 

  1. Blog Promotion Through Newsletters

Another type of content that makes it to the email marketing list is using newsletters for blog promotions. You can feature the best of your articles or content resources through weekly or quarterly newsletters. Use a tool like scoop.it to curate the best content for your emails. 

Take a look at the quarterly newsletter by Email Uplers. 

You can even go for biweekly newsletters and promote the best reads on the Internet like Really Good Emails does. 

  1. Feedback Email

An important type of content to send in emails is: “Ask for feedback”. Send out a survey email once a user has completed the purchase like Myntra does. Post-purchase survey emails are a good way to win the subscriber’s heart and let them know that you care for their satisfaction. Here’s how Myntra uses a clever brain animation along with an engaging copy to prompt the readers to fill out the survey. 

If you are a content marketing company, you can collect customer insights through such emails and generate user-generated content for your knowledge center. 

Here’s how MarketingProfs does it in their survey email. 

  1. Transactional Emails

Every once in a while, when your customers or prospective clients buy from you, you must send them transactional emails that let them know about the order confirmation, shipping details, and delivery acknowledgement. Besides, if a customer has searched for something on your website but not made a purchase, you can send them browse abandonment emails. 

Check the email by LNER in which they have informed the reader that they have saved their previous search. They have highlighted their USPs to entice the subscriber to complete the purchase. 


Another type of content is the cart recovery campaign to bring back the cart abandoners. You can send out a series of cart abandonment emails to prompt such users to checkout and complete the purchase. 

Look at this example by Nomad. 


These are just some of the examples of behavioral-based emails. You can even send out stock replenishment emails and back-in-stock emails in your automated email workflow. 

  1. Announcement Emails

You can create email campaigns around a product launch or any other announcement related to your business. It will increase subscriber engagement and overall performance of your email campaigns. 

Apple sends out an attractive email as and when they introduce a new product in the market. In the email example shared below, they have promoted their iPad Pro with impressive visuals and copy.


  1. Social Proof in Emails

It is a good idea to share customer testimonials in your emails once in a blue moon. Promote customer reviews, testimonials, and success stories in a couple of emails. It will help you to foster a strong relationship with the customers and build confidence in their minds. As a result, they will be more inclined to purchase from you. 

Better.com has nailed this strategy in their email campaign presented below. 


Wrapping Up

If you keep running out of ideas for your email campaigns, trust me, you are not alone. Every marketer has been there, done that. The ideas shared here along with the hints for visual email marketing will surely help you plan the next campaigns effectively. Also, we would love to hear your ideas about the same. Just head to the comment section and you know the drill, right?

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