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Your “virtual” pocket guide to Email Accessibility

Your "virtual" pocket guide to Email Accessibility

Email accessibility, in simple words, refers to creating emails with inclusive designs that can be accessed by everyone, regardless of any impairment. If you want to make sure that your email reaches each and every customer, you must make your emails ‘accessible’. Think of the 253 million visually impaired and 300 million colorblind people before you design any email. They might be using adaptive technologies or tools like screen readers, screen magnifiers, eye tracking systems, and advanced sip n puff devices.

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How to optimize your email content for conversions

Writing an engaging copy for emails is quite an underrated tactic. Look back to that email in your inbox that tempted you to click on the CTA button and take action. What was the highlight of that email and what drew your attention? Chances are that it was an interesting email copy that made all the difference.  

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Weekdays or weekends? What’s the best time to send your emails

Just like ‘timing is important’ in comedy so is it in email marketing.
The email send time is one of the most important things to consider if you wish to get your emails opened. And the perfect combination of sending at the right time to the right consumer in the right frame of mind is what lies behind the success of any email marketing strategy.

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