The Curated Content Revolution: How to Stay Relevant in the Information Age

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The Curated Content Revolution: How to Stay Relevant in the Information Age

Content creators understand the significance of creating quality content and the results it can help them generate.

However, they are also aware that creating relevant content and sharing it with the intended audience consistently can be daunting and time-consuming. This has given rise to an era of content curation.

Since access to relevant information is now available at our fingertips, content creators have started leveraging third-party sources to keep the needle moving.

Curation has made it easier for us to publish more content with ease. The problem is that it may also have caused information overload, making people easily distracted and quickly hopping from one information source to the next.

Hence, it has become difficult to make your content stand out and stay relevant in your respective niche.

So, if you have been grappling with the aforementioned issue, we advise that you consider the following recommendations:

Plan Curation

The first step to staying relevant in the age of the curated content revolution is to have a well-thought-out curation strategy.

To foster engagement in the digital landscape, everyone is leveraging curation. It’s reported that 82% of marketers repurpose content and share it on different channels to get more eyeballs. This has caused information to be available in abundance.

Plus, you’re not the only one curating content to generate traction. It’s reported that 25% of marketers rely on curated content.


So, planning is the key to outmaneuvering your competition and getting more mindshare. This requires extensive research as you craft a content strategy to win the hearts of your target audience and become a reliable source of information for them.

Tailor Content to Your Audience’s Preferences

The core focus for you when curating content should be to generate awareness and help people find answers to their questions. In short, your content should be customer-centric.

It’s reported that the content you create to educate your target audience generates 52% more organic traction for you compared to company-focused content.

So, it’s best that you tailor your curated content to the needs and preferences of your target audience. Around 71% of people believe that understanding your target audience is the key to getting the best results from curated content.


This requires you to be familiar with your audience’s characteristics and know what intrigues them. This will help you curate content around topics that align with the interests of your audience and are thus likely to get you more engagement.

Stay Fresh

When you curate content, you rely on the information published by external sources. You may check the sources for authenticity, but one thing often gets overlooked: the freshness of the content they publish.

Whether it’s the trends encompassing the original content or the information around which the content is created, there may be different things causing content to go obsolete. So, it’s best to fact-check the information you’re using to curate content.

Plus, you should prefer content that’s created around the latest happenings and current trends in your respective industry. Doing so will make it possible for your curated content to stay relevant for an extended period of time.

For those venturing into entrepreneurial realms, such as starting a clothing brand, staying attuned to the pulse of fashion trends becomes a parallel necessity. Just as in content curation, launching a clothing brand requires a commitment to staying on top of trends and offering something distinct, infusing your brand with a unique identity and style to set it apart in a competitive market.

Be Unique

A common mistake professionals make when curating content is sticking to a few reliable sources for information.

This means they have access to content created around a handful of topics or focus areas. It deprives content curators of their ability to share unique or diverse content with their target audience.

Therefore, it’s highly recommended to consider exploring a variety of sources for useful information.

Your audience may get bored with your content if you have nothing new to offer. When this happens, they might consider exploring other options.

To prevent this from happening and make people keep coming back to you for their daily dose of content, give them something new or different to consume from time to time.

Add Value

When you leverage content from third-party information sources, don’t share it as it is with your audience. You should add your own thoughts or add value from your end before publishing curated content.

People want to know your take on a particular topic or your thoughts on the matter. If they wanted the same exact content, they could just go to the original source of information. But they visited your platform, expecting to stumble upon something new.

So, always consider value addition, no matter how small that is. It will make your content a bit different from the original and allow your audience to know your opinion on the matter.

Leverage Diverse Formats

When curating content, it’s highly recommended that you consider a variety of content formats available.

Generally, marketers curate content for their social media posts to engage over 4.74 billion social media users. It’s a tried-and-tested strategy that helps them foster engagement on different channels.

However, there are diverse content formats that they can explore, such as expert roundups, infographics, podcasts, and more.

This allows you to engage your target audience by facilitating their access to relevant information in a variety of ways.

Remember, people have diverse preferences when it comes to consuming content. So, sticking to a particular content type may limit what you can achieve from your curation strategy.

Create a Schedule

Sharing relevant content with your audience is not enough to stay relevant. You have to be consistent as well.

Therefore, it’s highly recommended that you come up with a content calendar and schedule your content in advance.

This is an excellent strategy that keeps you in check and allows you to share useful content consistently with your target audience.

A schedule ensures that your content reaches the right audience at the right time and makes it possible for you to identify gaps in content delivery.

Sharing content in a consistent fashion helps you foster a strong brand recall and allows you to stay relevant amidst cutthroat competition.

Final Words

There you have it: the seven tips on how to stay relevant in the information age and be a top player in the curated content revolution.

The recommendations in this article will help you generate more traction and make it easier for you to get more mindshare. Using these tips, you can outmaneuver your competition and foster higher engagement compared to them.

So, if you have been sharing curated content on different platforms to get more eyeballs, the recommendations provided may help you get better results.

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