Introducing Templates, Embedded Topics, and WordPress Integration through

We started for a simple reason: back 4 years ago, we observed that Web 2.0 didn’t just bring all of us an opportunity but also created an expectation that would require new tools for busy professionals. With blogs, social networks and content platforms, you don’t just have a chance to become a media if you’d like to: you are now expected to regularly publish content. The content we publish determines not only how visible we are online but also shapes other people’s perception of our interests, our areas of expertise, our skills etc.

In short, you are the content you publish.

Of course, this means first of all you should participate and that’s what we’ve been focusing on enabling so far: an experience and a curation technology that makes it easier and time-efficient to discover, curate and publish quality content on our interests. But because this content is intimately connected to our online identity, reputation and brand, we’re pleased to launch today awesome and super easy new ways to brand your curated content with

  • As a professional looking to show thought leadership without going through the hassle of setting up and maintaining your own blog;

  • Or as a business owner looking to easily add curated content to her website;

  • Or even as a marketer looking to drive brand awareness and generate demand through engaging curated content without going through an extensive and painful IT project.

1. Brand your topics with templates

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 6.02.54 PM.png

Something a lot of people have liked about so far is the great visual format that makes the content you curate so engaging. Adopting the codes of online media and magazines have made it super easy for readers to scan through topic pages, click on the content they want to consumer and repeat (the average reader of topics consumers more than 3 stories per visit). So far, this now classic 2-column format has been the same for everyone and that’s what we’re changing today by introducing templates.

Templates make it possible to change the layout and the look and feel of your topic in just one click: yes, it’s that easy.

Templates are very useful, powerful and simple. Check the Personal template for instance: Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 5.40.01 PM.png

You can activate it in one click to transform the layout of your topic into a ⅔ – ⅓ layout that displays your content prominently while letting you add your profile, bio and customizable welcome messages in the right-hand column. Not only that but you can also display your other topics to keep your readers navigate around your curated content and discover more about you. A template like this can be a great way to strengthen your personal brand through your curated content.

Templates can be accessed through the Customization menu of your topics. From there, simply browse pre-set templates on the left and click on “Choose this template” to preview it on the right side of the screen. Don’t be afraid to try out several templates and modify the template’s parameters: changes will only apply once you’re satisfied with the preview and click Save. We’ll add templates on an ongoing basis so don’t hesitate to check back regularly for new additions.

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 5.20.24 PM.png

On top of choosing pre-set templates, designers can code their own templates or evolve existing ones by modifying their HTML and the CSS.

Pre-set templates are available to Pro subscribers and above. Template editing and creation are available to Business subscribers and above.

2. Integrate without coding with topic embeds

No coding required.jpg

What about if you already have a website that reflects your brand perfectly but just want to add your curated content there? While we’ve offered ways to integrate content in your website for quite some time, we’re now making it ridiculously simple: our new embed format lets you add your curated content to any website with a simple copy and paste. will generate an embed code that you can paste in any web page just like you would do for a YouTube video or a SlideShare presentation.

To generate the Embed of one of your topics, go to the SEO/Site Integration menu and click on Generate Embed Code.

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 6.16.17 PM.png

You can also pre-configure your embed code with a few options and you will see a preview directly from the configuration page so you can adjust them to your wishes.

Topic Embeds are available to Business subscribers and above.

3. Introducing the best way to integrate curated content to a WordPress blog

As we wrote back in April when we introduced our WordPress plugin, we now offer many ways to integrate with WordPress which is a major CMS for business and professional websites. However, none of these solutions was perfect in our eyes. The best implementation required some light coding skills and while the plugin didn’t require that, the integration wasn’t as rich and convenient. So we’ve decided to change that and simplify while making it much better.

The embed code of course works for WordPress sites: by just creating a page on WordPress, you can embed your curated content with the simple copy & paste described above.

But you can now also go beyond that first solution without requiring any plugin installation or any coding as we’ve created a brand new white-label WordPress integration that provides the following benefits:

  • Optimized for SEO, Social Media and traffic generation: with this integration, each scoop also becomes a WordPress post with its own permalink that your readers can individually reshare and that gets indexed by search engines like Google. Worried about duplicate content? You can even hide your page to concentrate attention on your WordPress site and make it your sole content hub.

  • Perfect fit with your WordPress template: your scoops will automatically be formatted according to your site’s look & feel and as per the format you’ve defined for your WordPress posts.

  • Easy: set it and forget it.

  • Perfect fit with your workflow: no changes required to what you already do. Curate from suggestions or from the bookmarklet and share to your social networks as you scoop a piece of content: the generated URL shared on social networks will redirect your shared scoops to corresponding WordPress posts.

  • Flexibility to organize your created and curated content: your curated scoops are categorized under a WordPress category you can define at the topic level. This means you can leverage this at your WordPress template level to display curated content either alongside your own original posts or in a separate page or format.

This new WordPress integration is available as part of our recently introduced Marketers plan which also offers set-up services, VIP support and is optimized for lead generation and marketing automation.

Note: to simplify our offer to WordPress users, we’ll now discontinue the previous sharing to WordPress feature we offered to free users as a way to test drive the WordPress integration while still redirecting content to their pages. Instead we’ll focus on the two above simple solutions. We are however grandfathering existing users who are using that option to share to WordPress: if that’s your case and while we encourage you to consider the above solutions, you don’t have to change your existing habits.

It’s never been easier to brand and publish curated content. Leverage the above new features:

  • either to brand your pages through templates you can activate and personalize in one click;

  • or to embed or integrate content in your website without any coding required.

And let us know what you make of it by suggesting your beautifully branded content to our showcase.

And if you’re interested in leveraging the benefits of content curation for SEO, check out our complete guide.

How Does Content Curation Benefit SEO - Download the Guide

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About the Author

Guillaume Decugis
Co-Founder & CEO @Scoopit. Entrepreneur (Musiwave, Goojet). Engineer-turned-marketer. Skier. Rock singer.
  • Steve Cassady

    Great Changes. They should really help with branding.

    • Ricky Wilson

      Branding? Stealing you mean.

  • Stacy Jackson

    Suddenly I can’t share to WordPress anymore from and when I try to reconnect/refresh my WordPress connection, I get an error. Can you no longer share to WordPress on the Pro plan?

    • Alex Zagoumenov

      Stacy, great question. I’d love to know the answer too! please look into it.

      • Stacy Jackson

        This problem actually started for me yesterday — I submitted a ticket to the support team, but I haven’t gotten a resolution to the issue yet (obviously). I don’t know if it makes sense (for me) to keep the Pro plan without the capability to create WordPress posts from scoops.

        • scoopit

          @stacyjackson:disqus We’ve got your ticket and as Andrew replied yesterday, we’re investigating though we haven’t been able to replicate the problem yet. Nothing to do with that change: as mentioned above, the above changes do not impact you if you’ve been using WordPress already.
          cc @zagoumenov:disqus

          • Stacy Jackson

            Yes — you guys have been good to start looking into it for me. I do appreciate it! 🙂 It’s gone beyond my specific account, though, to others that I manage. Thought it might have to do with this.


          • webrealtyvideosites

            As of 08/12/2014, Pro still doesn’t post to my WordPress blog(s) like it used to. I thought this was being fixed? Bill

          • Stacy Jackson

            Thanks guys for taking time to work with me to try to rectify the issue that looks to be with my host.

    • Ricky Wilson

      Yes, because WordPress are trying to stop content scraping tools. Put in some hard work and write your own content.

  • Sergey Stepanov

    Music Reflection for Independence of Ukraine

    Stepanov Ukraine

  • Dr Ivan Ferrero

    I’m a bit confused: what options do I have to integrate with a WordPress blog when I use the Pro plan?
    How about the option to associate a custom domain (or sub-domain)? @scoopit:disqus TNX!!!

    • scoopit

      @IvanPsy:disqus We’ve updated our Knowledge Base to recap the various options you have here We don’t offer WordPress sharing anymore but we’ve grandfathered users who were already using it as mentioned above: was this your case? The option to use a custom domain is of course still available with our Business version and with the new template features, it’s a really easy and powerful way to brand curated content and have it benefit your domain SEO and traffic.

      • Dr Ivan Ferrero

        TNX @scoopit:disqus I’ll have a look at the page.
        No I don’t think it’s my case for I have the free plan, and I was planning to go to a higher plan.
        TNX again I’ll reflect on the options!

  • Jaana Nyström

    This is only for the business plan, right?

    Something strange happened: I received an email that my suggested article for ScoopIt was rejected.
    – But I haven’t suggested anything. Should I be worried?

    “Hello Jaana Nyström,
    Unfortunately, Ally Greer declined your suggestion Goodbye SEO, Hello SMO (Social Media Optimization) on “Lean Content”.

    Next time!The team
    P.S. Any questions or suggestions for us? Click here”

  • Dennis Thomas O’Connor

    Bravo Once again you’ve enriched an already stellar tool set with clever, nuanced features. Just used the Personal template on my e-Portfolio and it delivers on your promise.

    Way to go.

    • Ricky Wilson

      Yes, if you are too lazy to create your own content and expect to hang off the coat tails of hard working content creators. All in the name of “it’s just innocent sharing”. Google hates duplicate content.

      • Dennis Thomas O’Connor

        Ricky, I don’t think you understand the way does content curation. Any traffic generated by a scooped article goes to the source of that article. If a reader clicks on an article presented in a generated word press blog they are taken to the blog with the original content. This way the content creator gets full credit and more traffic.

        • Cendrine Marrouat

          Dennis, it’s a troll. 😉

  • Cendrine Marrouat

    Well done,, well done! This is very exciting news!

    • Ricky Wilson

      Yes, ‘exciting’ if you are too lazy to write your own content and want to scrape other peoples as your own.

      • Cendrine Marrouat

        Trolling much, I see. You obviously have never done real content curation. 😉

  • Abhishek

    The fact that the new WP integration is only available in the new more expensive plan is disappointing. Duplicating curated content as WP posts was a no-brainer since the user can then leverage all the powerful WP features such search based on tagging, related article suggestions, search engine indexing, etc and takes the onus away from for providing those features.

    Incidentally there are pretty effective WP plugins for curation such as the one below available at fraction of the cost and do a pretty decent job achieving the same integration.

    I understand that the “Marketer’s” plan offers other valuable features but I strongly urge to consider making the new WP integration available in the Business plan.

    • Guillaume Decugis

      Abhisek – As explained above, the embed code also works on WordPress and is part of our lower price Business plan. Have you considered such an option?
      Automated posting such as the one the plugin you linked to actually does is not content curation and not something I would recommend to anyone who’s been seeing value-adding content curation as a solution.

      • Abhishek

        Does the embed option allow adding the curated articles to be imported to the local WordPress posts database? If not, then it is no good.
        Right now even setting up a search is so difficult because the onus is on the user to add tags to each article that gets scooped. Imagine going through hundreds of articles each day to curate maybe 20-30 across 15 topics and then the user is expected to add tags to each scooped article as well. I hope you see the issue here!
        No way for me to show related articles either. This is what I mean by letting users import curated content into the WordPress database and letting WP do what it does best.

        As for the plugin I listed above, I would love to know why it does not qualify as content curation. It seems to follow the same process, add a bunch of sources and filter based on keywords. Infact, being native to WP, it gives me all the content in my posts database, exactly what I am looking for.

        • Guillaume Decugis

          According to the URL you linked to, this plugin automatically publish content based on RSS feeds and filters. You don’t exercise any control on what you publish beyond that, hence it’s not curation: you’ll end up publishing things you haven’t read without giving any additional value or context to your readers. It’s very unlikely that this will bring any value from an engagement or SEO point of view (in fact this is a strategy Google’s Matt Cutts precisely recommended against in this video:

          The embed doesn’t create posts in the WordPress database which is why we offer the WordPress integration and why we have tiered pricing.

          One precision though: you don’t have to add tags for the filter to be able to retrieve scoops corresponding to a given keyword. If it’s in the scoop, the filter will find it.

    • Jerónimo M.M.

      I agree, it’s a real disappointment, that montjly price tag puts it squarely out of reach of users who are individual curators (as opposed to a company), we exist too, and we probably generate more traffic for than all company accounts put together.

      • Guillaume Decugis

        Sure. The Marketers plan is more expensive than the other ones, but you can use the embed feature to add your topic to a WordPress blog using the Business version which is much cheaper. Have you considere that Jeronimo?

        Now your second point on individuals vs companies and traffic generation is exactly how we see it: we can offer for free to millions of individuals because they generate traffic and help us grow. But this is no longer true when is used integrated with WordPress as traffic is then generated to your WordPress site as opposed to Hence the fact we reserve these options to premium plans to balance our freemium.

        Makes sense?

  • aisha roy

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  • Eric Chan Wei Chiang

    Some of my topics already have more than a few thousand views but they are still not on any interests channels.

    Some curators with fewer views are already on interest channels. Is it because there were no recommendations by other curators?

    How do I get more recommendations? I have received quite a few thanks and have several accepted suggestions, do these count towards getting on interest channels? Are there other criterias such as number of scoops? Nonetheless, bravo

    • Ricky Wilson

      Grow up and stop expecting content your scrapped from the www to make you rich.
      Scoop it will be gone when Google increase their spam detection.

    • Guillaume Decugis

      Thanks Eric. Topics become eligible for classification based on activity, freshness and engagement. Topics with fewer views could have more of some of these criteria. Here are some details on how this works here:

      • Eric Chan Wei Chiang

        Thanks for the reply.

        I assume that activity is measured based on views, engagement based on thanks and recommendations but what is freshness based on? The date of the articles scooped? Number of unique articles with unique URLs? Frequency or number of scoops?

        Not trying to cheat the algorithm, just trying to learn more about successful curation on One of the things I did learn was that Google Plus is the best platform for sharing scoops. It is less social than Facebook and is more content oriented than Twitter which results in more discussions with people who actually read scoops. Example below:

      • Guest

        Thanks for the reply, @gdecugis:disqus

        I assume that activity is measured based on views, engagement based on thanks and recommendations but what is freshness based on? The date of the articles scooped? Number of unique articles with unique URLs? Frequency or number of scoops?

        Not trying to cheat the algorithm, just trying to learn more about successful curation on One of the things I did learn was that Google Plus is the best platform for sharing scoops. It is less social than Facebook and is more content oriented than Twitter which results in more discussions with people who actually read scoops. Example below:

      • Eric Chan Wei Chiang

        Thanks for the reply, Guillaume Decugis

        I assume that activity is measured based on views, engagement based on thanks and recommendations but what is freshness based on? The date of the articles scooped? Number of unique articles with unique URLs? Frequency or number of scoops?

        Not trying to cheat the algorithm, just trying to learn more about successful curation One of the things I did learn was that Google Plus is the best platform for sharing scoops. It is less social than Facebook and is more content oriented than Twitter which results in more discussions with people who actually read scoops. Example below:

        • Guillaume Decugis

          Nice example Eric. Thanks for sharing! Freshness relates to the frequency at which your topic is updated (not the actual dates of the original content as surfacing back old pieces has value).

  • Ricky Wilson

    Sorry but this is utter nonsense. promotes spam wrapped up as roast ham.
    This is NOT ‘curation’ or anything else you care to dress it up as. provides lazy people a free way to profit off other peoples hard work. It encourages duplicate content, it encourages scraping of peoples hard work and frankly the internet needs less of this today.
    I know you will disagree 100% because you have convinced yourself that it is win-win for content creators and publishers. Frankly there is too much of this now. I want to find out the latest news on the plane crash and I almost never get CNN anymore. Sure I get CNN’s ARTICLE but on “John Doe’s get rich quick blog”

    • Ricky Wilson

      Just to clarify – I know will argue that content shared is provided by writers and bloggers who want their articles linked to – this is a misconception. Truth is, these people THINK that by spreading their work around it will make Google reward you with lots of visitors. Mostly Google will identify you as part of the spam and you will be shot down in their next update.

  • olivia roy

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  • drerika

    ok, yes brazil….

  • Paul O’Regan

    This looks interesting.

    I have a question.

    On the scoopit content links to the source article (which is good).

    On the wordpress plugin embedded content on links to internal posts. Can the wordpress plugin link to the article content direct rather than another page with the same content on?

  • jacklindblad

    Why might it be that from my devices shows being down and unable to load?

    • jacklindblad

      Two browsers on Mac OS X 10.6.8 the latest Chrome and an older Safari version do not open the site. My mobile Android latest version does open oh well.

      • jacklindblad

        Can there be some patch for backward compatibility with my dinosaur Mac OS X 10.6.8?

        • Guillaume Decugis

          It should work with these browsers / OS. Could you open a ticket on with a screenshot of what happens when you try to load Thanks.

  • Guest

    Why might it be that from my devices shows being down and unable to load?

  • jurquijophoto

    I have tried to change the templates over my two topics. I liked the personalized theme, but with the same parameters, the look was different. Why?

  • Barry Kort

    A colleague of mine who uses Scoop.It has it set up so that everything she looks at on Scoop.It is automatically reposted to her Facebook Timeline. In the past two days, she looked at 120 items on Scoop.It and every one of them ended up on her FB Timeline.

    Is there a way she can modify her settings on Scoop.It so that only items she affirmatively selects gets reposted to Facebook?

  • Scott Wolfe

    I am embedding topics on our Word Press site and it appears that it configures as the Defauly template from Is there any way to have our embedded topics appear using the customized templates from (eg, List or Flat template?) Any other tips on how to customize appearance of topics embedded on Word Press sites. Many thanks in advance for your help!

    • Guillaume Decugis

      Hi Scott – topic pages templates are not supported by the embed code unfortunately. But you can modify the look and feel of the embed by using your own WordPress CSS: this won’t change the layout but will ensure your fonts and other look and feel elements are consistent with your WordPress template. The other option of course is to use our WordPress integration instead: as highlighted in this post this brings other benefits too. Does it help?

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