Signal beats noise: find your voice thru curation

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This is the panel proposal Steve Portigal put together, having kindly offered me to participate.

Signal vs Noise: how can one emerge in the Web’s increasing chaos? The idea that social curation brings some answer to that is of course dear to us.

If you follow this blog, you probably remember we built partly out of a frustration about getting heard on today’s crowded social Web. We always believed that meaningful online conversation occurs around passion and common interests.
This topic-centric approach as well as using curation as a new form of expression have been the key original ideas behind the platform.

At SxSW 2011, we were just with a very early group of users in our private beta but we felt overwhelmed by the excellent feedback we had on our idea, and the very instinctive use we already observe. Austin was really an important step for us.

Based on the awesome traction we’ve enjoyed since then, we feel curation will be a major topic for this coming 2012 SxSW. Curators everywhere are getting their voices heard on top of the traditional channels and media. The gatekeepers have changed.
Or maybe the gates themselves have tumbled down : we know curation takes the democratization even further than what blogging and micro-blogging did.

Perhaps more importantly, we think it’s just the beginning as many things remain to be done and discussed.

If you also feel this trend is here to stay or you want to support us, vote or comment on the panel proposal on the SxSW site:

Thanks and hope to see a lot of our community in Austin!

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