The Unexpected Benefits of Content Curation for Nonprofits

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Earlier this week, at’s December Lean Content meetup, we were visited by nonprofit consultant, marketer, author, and trainer Beth Kanter. Beth put on one of the best presentations we’ve seen to date, with hands-on advice on curation in general, and specifically applied some best practices to the nonprofit sector.

In case you missed the tweets, check out this great Storify that Beth herself put together, and be sure to go through her presentation below.

Some of the key takeaways from this month’s meetup included:

•Top benefits of content curation for nonprofits

•Understand the practice of good content curation

•Techniques for being efficient and staying focused

If you could ask Beth anything, what would it be?
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David Vankomen
David Vankomen
10 years ago

I am new to scoop but in no way new to online media buying and cpc and seo etc. However i would like to know how a business can benefit from using scoopit? Any recommendations welcome.

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