Can you afford to have a content strategy that isn’t lean?

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“As content marketing has become a vital strategy for brands and agencies, the need to measure the success of that content has grown as well.  An Aberdeen Group report revealed that the most effective content marketers are also those most likely to measure.”


This report by the Aberdeen Group highlights the need to measure results as a key success factor in content marketing.

Beyond this key findings – companies which measure tend to do better – there are interesting numbers as those in the above chart. The companies surveyed in this report had a customer acquisition cost of $20-$30,000.

Does this feel a lot to you?

Well, if you’re a leading Enterprise software company with an average deal value in hundreds of thousands or millions, it makes perfect sense. But for the vast majority of small and mid-sized companies, this is a lot because what they sell is the hundreds or at best thousands of dollars.

So what I’m getting from this data is that SMBs need to work in a leaner way:

– first by measuring (I agree with the data on that)

– second by optimizing their conversions all through the funnel (237-350 marketing responses to close a deal is not lean at all): focus on the topics and the questions your potential customers are interested in.

– but perhaps more importantly by reducing your content costs through lean content tools and techniques: introducing content curation in the mix is a great way to do that with a cost per piece of content published 7x to 10x lower.

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