If you still think curation doesn’t add value, watch this music video

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This guy created a remix of 23 music videos from YouTube to create awesomeness.

Source: www.youtube.com

Ever since we started working on content curation, we’ve had this question: is content curation adding value? Is it stealing? Is it repeating like a parrot?

And ever since we started, we’ve seen more and more examples of how the remix culture is becoming a massive trend.

Just like good DJ’s, good content curators are creating something new out of the existing by not only aggregating but giving new meaning to content.

This video made me speechless. Isn’t it amazing?

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Julia Budahazy
9 years ago

No #comment simply because this leaves people #speechless! Wow.

Lionel Valdellon
9 years ago

Awesome song! Love that deep, jazzy vibe. Sounds like DJ Shadow to me. This isn’t so much curation as it is a remixing/mash-up of found source materials. Remixing, to me, involves a little more creativity and leeway than does curation. Or perhaps it’s just the stodgy connotation of the word ‘curation’ derived from years of museum-going where curators are the ones who write the captions next to the artwork. In my head, if you curate a bunch of articles on say, Gmail’s new Inbox, you merely insert pertinent links to the articles within an umbrella blog post. A remix of… Read more »

9 years ago

I saw videos and i wanna say to you, like DJ 😀

on ap standa, on ap lioa, lioa, on ap

8 years ago

Meanwhile, youtube is blocked in china, learn how to unblock it.

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