Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Content Curation (but were afraid to ask)

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“What can content curation do for you? Who is it for? What are interesting case studies? How does content curation help SEO? What’s the ROI of content marketing in general and how does content curation help improve it? What features does Scoop.it have? How do they work?”

These are just some of the questions you’ll find answers for in our newly revamped resource center as well as in our brand new product tour page – both easily accessible from your Scoop.it menu (or from the website header when not logged into Scoop.it).

What can content curation do for you? The new Scoop.it Resource Center

Ever since we started working on Scoop.it we’ve been in constant discussion with our users, customers and the influencers who helped us shape this space. And all the time, we’ve been creating and curating the best answers we could find to the key questions people had around content curation – something more and more people and businesses have become interested in. So to give you a clear access to some of the top resources we’ve curated, we’ve re-organized our resource center to make it easier for you to find everything you need to make the most of your content curation efforts.

As part of this redesign we’ve created a new Scoop.it topic page – Content Curation Insights & Resources – (conveniently embedded in our resource center) where we’ve curated our best resources on the following points:

– What are content curation best practices?

– How does content curation help scale your content marketing strategy?

– How can you implement content curation for a WordPress site or blog?

– How can content hubs help amplify your social media publishing?

– What are the benefits of content curation for SEO?

– What measures do we have of the impact of content curation on business goals?

– How does content curation support Knowledge Sharing within organizations?

– How does content curation generate traffic and where does it come from?

We will continue to expand on that list of questions so feel free to let us know which questions you’d like to see addressed in the comments.

What can I do with Scoop.it to achieve my goals through Content Curation?

Introducing the Scoop.it Product Tour

While we’re committed to ensure Scoop.it stays as simple as it can be for new users, our premium versions come with powerful advanced features that makes it a powerful platform now used by thousands of small, mid-sized or even large enterprises and Fortune 500 companies. So in order to give a better visibility on everything you can do with Scoop.it, we’re glad to introduce today our new Product Tour that will give you a 360° outlook on all the platform’s features.

From there, you’ll easily learn about the following Scoop.it features:

– How to get Content Suggestions to curate.

– Why and how to create Content Hubs for your content.

– How to brand your Content Hubs to maximize your personal or business brand’s exposure.

– How to easily distribute the content you curate to all your social channels (or your business’).

– How to integrate your curated content with your website for SEO, engagement and traffic benefits.

– How to measure your content’s performance through analytics.

– How to create curated content newsletters easily.

– How to work involve your coworkers in your content curation efforts and work as a team.

– How to generate leads from your curated content.

– How to make your content curation private to establish a workflow or curate internally to your organization.

All of these are features that are showcased in our product tour which also links to corresponding articles in our knowledge base for greater details.

Again, we’ll make further evolutions of these resources so feel free to let us know what’s missing in the comments.

What other resources would you like us to cover?

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M. Philip Oliver
M. Philip Oliver
9 years ago

I’ve been privileged to have been using Scoop.it for over one year now, and have not been disappointed. It provides me a concise method to communicate with my almost 7,000 Follower’s on Twitter, my growing network on LinkedIn and my Facebook presence without actually being there! How cool is that?

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