The 5 Basic Landing Pages Every Content Marketer Should Consider Having

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This infographic does a good job at describing 5 basic types of landing pages you might consider for your content strategy. 

Why should you use landing pages for content marketing anyway?

Landing pages are a powerful way to generate leads because:

1. They help segment your audience by aligning it with a specific message. For example, we drive our own audience interested specifically in using content curation for WordPress to this page which also receives search traffic.

2. They create opportunities for conversion by gating content such as white papers.

3. They are longer lasting than blog posts or social content. They’re good for evergreen messages.

4. They’re flexible: easy to rework, A/B test and adjust over time, particularly with tools such as Unbounce.

We’ll probably create a longer piece to share our own experience using landing pages so please don’t hesitate to share your own experience with us in the comments.

Landing Pages for Content Marketing


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jason fox
9 years ago

Thanks for sharing. That is a great Infographic. I am working on a big post about landing pages for real estate and got a new idea.

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