3 Practical Ideas To Make Content Marketing Everybody’s Job

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content marketing should be team work

“The need for content has moved beyond a traditional marketing department’s ability to create and is now everyone’s job.”

Source: www.ducttapemarketing.com

Or why Content Marketing needs to grow beyond the marketing team (as I also wrote about in that post). Now, where I disagree with John Jantsch is when he uses the word “creation”. I talk to hundreds of business owners, entrepreneurs and even VP Marketing at larger companies which all tell me how incredibly hard it is to get non-marketers to create content.

Don’t fool yourself: you won’t get everybody to create content.

So yes, as Jantsch writes, this is also about creating a content culture favorable to content marketing. And he recommends a number of useful steps to foster it which don’t involve creating content specifically but there’s a key one that he misses: collaborative content curation.

While it’s extremely hard to constantly remind people they have a blog post to finish, it’s much easier to have them curate the content they read and they feel is valuable to the content strategy. Your coworkers have expertise; and they read content which is valuable. Empower them to easily curate it and share it so you can make your content marketing strategy stronger.

From a practical point of view, think about the following concrete ideas:

1 – create a weekly newsletter from the best posts that your team read this week;

2 – create private content hubs where everybody can share content without too much overthinking and then curate this pre-curation to your blog;

3 – identify champions who naturally share content (tip: they’re the ones  already sending links by email to the rest of the company) and give them ownership: make these company thought leaders responsible to create a weekly roundup post of curated links.

There are many other ways to involve more people in your content marketing strategy – a premise I can not agree more. But any of the above will be more efficient than waiting forever for one of your engineers to write that epic slideshare or for your super busy sales rockstar to come out with the perfect blog post.

Now over to you: what have you found to work to involve your coworkers in your content strategy?

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