Are you using Lego blocks to make your Content Marketing lean?

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Creating original content on an ongoing basis can be a challenge, so most marketers practice the fine art of content repurposing.


As a kid my favorite game was to play Lego and build, deconstruct and rebuild stuff (spaceships mostly: I’m a geek…). As a father, I’ve been fascinated to see that construction game becoming my kids’ favorite too and see what they came out with in terms of new ideas to build. This is what this post by Lee Odden made me think about so here’s a good question for all content marketers:

Are you thinking of your content as modular lego-type building blocks?

Lee Odden says you should because you’ll then be able to turn mico-content into eBooks and then blog posts, newsletters, etc… And vice versa. A lean content practice that will help you scale your content marketing.

Turning micro-content into larger content is a great way to scale content marketing

Rebecca Lieb of the Altimeter group came out with the turkey leftover analogy for repurposing content: she explains how you could turn epic content such as an ebook or a white paper into many other pieces of content with only marginal additional work. It’s interesting to complement that with the opposite approach and plan your micro-content so that it can fit into something bigger.

As Lee Odden points out, content curation plays an important role if you want to pursue this strategy: “Curation of micro-content is easy, provides useful information to your target audience and can fit within a social content workflow designed to roll up to a larger content project.” This is typically what each and every user does when curating the content they discover: the topic page they create as a result is a larger valuable resource for anyone interesting in that subject matter. Creating newsletters out of curated content or producing round-up post like this one are what comes next. But this could eventually also take the forme of a larger white paper or even an ebook that combines curated and created content.

And because of the many benefits he describes with social and SEO, by assembling your Lego content blocks into an awesome content spaceship, you might realize that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

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9 years ago

mi piace!

9 years ago

Thanks to sharing article and nice services in your website…….

Jason Love
9 years ago

This is a great way to view content and what to give away for free.
I am struggling with what to give away because I want it to be in my educational product.

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