Understanding SEO: 4 blog posts and 1 infographic every content marketer should read

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Understanding SEO

Content Marketing is the new SEO.

To fully understand how SEO evolved and how content impacts it, here are 4 of the best pieces of content I’ve read on this topic (+ one from me):

SEO: what it used to be vs what it is now
Start by looking at this great infographic by Neil Patel (@neilpatel), one of the best content marketers there is and the author of the QuickSprout blog. He does a great job at clarifying what changed over the last few years and why SEO and Content Marketing overlap now.

6 SEO Content Strategies That Still Work in 2015
SEO changed. So what does it mean for Content Marketers and what are the strategies they can still rely on? Julia McCoy (@JuliaEMcCoy), the founder of the ExpressWriters content marketplace has answers for you.

6 Facts About Content Curation and SEO You May Not Know
Now that SEO is about publishing great content, how can you scale your content output? Content curation helps in more than one way: AudienceBloom agency’s founder and SEO expert Jayson DeMers (@jaysondemers) explains why and how content curation benefits SEO.

How does Curated Content differ from Duplicate Content?
But wait… I thought curated content was duplicate content? No, it’s not. Here’s how they differ and what Google’s Matt Cutts explains about that topic.

8 Tools to Help Optimize Your SEO
Beyond Scoop.it (of course!) that will help you publish more, relevant content and rank in search results, what are the SEO-specific tools you should consider to find keywords, monitor SERP (Search Engine Page Results), etc…? Drew Hendricks (@DrewAHendricks) picked up the best ones so you don’t have to… search.


And if you’re interested in leveraging the benefits of content curation for SEO, check out our complete guide.

How Does Content Curation Benefit SEO - Download the Guide

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