Increase Facebook reach without paying for advertising

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Increase Facebook reach without paying for advertising

Ahh, Facebook. We love to hate on them don’t we. It’s no surprise by now that Facebook organic reach is on its way out. We feel it on our pages and I’m sure you feel it on your pages too.

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It’s getting harder and harder to avoid paying Facebook for visibility. The idyllic days when you could build a following and engagement on social networks through the shear strength of your community management skills seem like a fading memory.

If you want to increase Facebook reach, you have to drive your audience to your content hub.

Back a year ago, I reacted to Facebook’s announcements on organic reach and proposed a way to increase Facebook reach – and in a more general sense, engagement – through content publishing and the use of content hubs: by sharing your social content on your own content hub (your blog or an ad’hoc hub), you bring traffic back home which means you can not only engage readers with follow-on content but also convert them into subscribers or leads.

In this post, @Stephanie Frasco comes back on what you can do on the content side to amplify your social media publishing efforts. The best part being that with the right tool, most of these tips are lean practices that won’t require much more time over what you already do.

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Nzt Group
Nzt Group
8 years ago

Sounds great!! Every time when I used to search about how to increase Facebook visitor’s engage, reaches and likes, I found these type of post, I just wanted to say that only content sharing is not good, to engage visitors you have to place some other stuff also like images, videos, offers etc.

Mark Knott
Mark Knott
8 years ago

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Sachin Patil
8 years ago

Nice article,

Facebook promotion it is necessary to add punchline/ tag link on the image banner. Need to create attractive banner.

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