Going on holiday? Use automation to promote content while you’re off the grid

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Halloween is over, which means your prospects are gearing up for the holiday season. For most people, this means preparing for some much-needed time off. Unfortunately, you know that your promotion efforts needs to stay consistent during this time, meaning you probably have to keep working through the holiday season.

After all, those blog and social posts won’t write themselves! Well, that’s not necessarily the case. Most content marketing tools now include options for automation of publishing and distribution. With the right software in place, you can keep your blog up and running during the holidays while you and your marketing team are free to relax.

How does it work?

If you have the right tools in place, you can automate promotion to almost all of your distribution channels. Generally, this means your blog, your social networks, and your email newsletters.

An editorial calendar gives you visibility into your publishing consistency. Are you really publishing as often as you want to? The Scoop.it Content Director calendar enables you to set goals for your publishing to keep you on track.

What should I share?

Something new, but also something old! Many marketers wrongly assume that without new content, their publishing should stop. On the contrary, if you have an older post that performed well, it’s in your best interest to share it again. According to a study by blogger Tom Tunguz, publishing content more than once gains about 75% of the shares from the previous time it was published.

Additionally, your followers aren’t going to be online all day, every day. There’s a good chance that you missed a significant portion of your audience if you only published content once.

A study by Meetedgar revealed that only about 46% of twitter users log in every day, and only for an average of 13 minutes. Additionally, after about 20 minutes, your tweet is virtually erased from the internet, meaning it’s highly unlikely that anyone will see your post if they log in more than a half hour after you publish it.

use automation to publish content

The solution? Share it again! There is no concrete evidence that republishing content can hurt your brand. On the contrary, there are loads of studies showing that views increase every time content is repurposed. Don’t be afraid of overloading your followers, because chances are, they missed it the first time.

What if I want to post something new? This is also easier than you think. Content curation is a strategy that can help you publish new content at a fraction of the time and cost of creating strictly original content. By curating third party articles, you not only achieve the same SEO results as original content, but you boost the credibility of your brand by sharing industry news. Scoop.it facilitates content curation by crawling the web for relevant articles, and easily integrating them into your blog and social networks.

How will I know if it worked?

The “publish and pray” method may ensure that you are publishing consistently, but it will not ensure that you are publishing strategically. You shouldn’t repurpose something just to repurpose something. Dive into your analytics to understand which of your posts performed well, which were flops, and which could use another chance. Maybe you forgot about the amazing blog post you write six months ago. Guess what? So did your prospects! Go ahead and share it again.

Check in periodically to make sure your content is going out as planned. You’re on vacation, but things happen!


Automating your publishing allows you to safely step away from your desk this holiday season. Through intelligent content promotion, scheduling, and optimization, you can keep your channels active without logging in every day. Enjoy your holiday season without sacrificing your content flow.

Want to work smarter and start generating real results from your content marketing? Find out how to use the new Scoop.it Content Director to help you become a smarter marketer!

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