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Beyond excel: modernize your content marketing

Excel is undoubtedly an extremely useful product. Everyone uses it. It can help you organize and analyze data, map out your quarterly achievements, and keep track of important statistics. But excel alone is not sufficient for strategic content marketing. A shockingly high number of marketers still use excel as their primary content marketing organizational tool. […]

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Content curation for agencies – how to get started

When a business hires a marketing agency, they are only interested in one thing: results. Whether it be more leads, better SEO, more traffic, or improved social engagement, agencies can offer these businesses peace-of-mind when it comes to common marketing challenges. Here at, we work with dozens of marketing agencies who offer their clients […]

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How to find content for niche industries

Every business needs content. But not all industries are easy to write about. I often speak with business owners who struggle to produce enough content for their blogs, simply because there isn’t much to write about in their niche! Even when they search for third-party content to curate, they find that nobody is producing much buzz […]

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5 ways to build a blog from scratch

You don’t need to make excuses. There are lots of legitimate reasons why you haven’t prioritized your blog. Maybe you are a one-person marketing team and need to focus your attention on paid promotion and social media. Perhaps you come from an industry that is traditionally offline and your company has only recently started building […]

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Going on holiday? Use automation to promote content while you’re off the grid

Halloween is over, which means your prospects are gearing up for the holiday season. For most people, this means preparing for some much-needed time off. Unfortunately, you know that your promotion efforts needs to stay consistent during this time, meaning you probably have to keep working through the holiday season. After all, those blog and social […]

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