Your target is not on social media? You should still consider content marketing

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Social networks are trendy and a lot of companies see them as a good way to gain online visibility, but some of them still limit their actions on the internet. The reason for that? “My audience doesn’t use social media…” they would say. Is that a valid reason to do nothing? Here is some food for thought before taking action (or not)!

Your audience may not be on social media, it is for sure on the internet

Even if your buyer personas are not on the main social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, they are bound to consume content on the internet for several reasons. For example, to keep themselves informed on the trending news in their industry, or to get information on the different players in their ecosystem (clients, prospects, partners…). It is therefore important to be visible on all other mediums (blogs, Slideshare, Google etc.) so you can reach your target via other means.

Take advantage of your audience’s network

If we assume that your personas are missing from social media networks, chances are good that their colleagues and relatives are actually on these channels and can therefore see your content.

What’s next? Well, then comes the word of mouth. It often helps recommend some pieces of content, or your solution, to finally end up in front of your target’s eyes.

Understand what makes each social network unique

It is definitely important to have a strategy in line with each social network. With 31 million active users on Facebook, 5 million unique visitors per month on Twitter, and 10 million on LinkedIn, your target is likely to be – at least – on one of these channels. Of course, with different goals and motivations depending on the network they are on. You should therefore approach them with a distinct strategy and a specific tone so you can as effective as possible, and give your content a maximum visibility.

Don’t forget about emails – everyone’s got an email address!

Last but not least – email is traditional yet very effective! Sending emails is a good way to reach your audience because it will ensure the deliverability of your message. It also remains a good way to promote your blog posts. Once again, you have to define your target ahead and figure out what kind of content to release, so you can meet its expectations – the message you deliver will definitely have to be targeted.

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