Customer relationship and content marketing: how to make it work

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Content marketing has become a must for any marketer. Still unsure about its benefits? Then this post is for you. To begin with, Content marketing helps you generate leads, boost your traffic and get better SEO results…   Even better, you can add lead nurturing techniques to drive people down in your sales funnel which speeds up the decision-making process. This is exactly what happened with one of our customers. See their story here.

Content marketing also a must when it comes to customer relationship management.

In this post from Content Marketing Institute, Rick Allen puts it this way:

“Customer relationships are a cornerstone of content marketing, especially when we implicitly partner with our customers to create great content. They tell us what content they want — directly or indirectly — and we aim to publish useful, relevant content that meets their needs.”

Here are a few things to know before getting started.

Customer relationship is like a love story. Never take it for granted!

As it was said above, being aware your customers’ expectations is the foundation of a good customer relationship… It all starts there. A customer can never be 100% acquired – if you don’t put any effort in the relationship, that connection can be lost quickly. This is why providing high-quality content is always a good way to keep your relationship on the right track and keeps you closer to your customers (and you could even co-create content with them – for instance, launch a killer case-study). Don’t forget to add value!

B2B customers’ lifecycle is a never-ending process

When it comes to B2B businesses, people are often connected through a shared contract, which is never forever and has an expiration date. Therefore, the moment the contract is signed, the renewal challenge automatically becomes a priority… and content can help prepare for that!  For example, communicate about new features for your product, improvements on existing features, gives news about your company… This can streamline the process of establishing new contracts with your clients, while also reassuring them on your expertise.

Are you the reference in your industry?

Content helps you demonstrate your knowledge in a very clear way so you can be seen as an expert in your industry. However make sure you understand your customers’ expectations and needs properly, as well as overall evolutions and different trends within your industry, so that you can focus your content accordingly. And remember you should try to be seen as thought leader not only for your customers but also for all your stakeholders!


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