How to use Presentations as a Content Marketing Tool

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How to Use Presentations as a Content Marketing Tool

eBooks, whitepapers, and blogs – all these terms come to mind whenever we think about content marketing. But have you ever pondered about using PowerPoint presentations as a tool to market your content? A presentation provides you an opportunity to showcase your information in a visually impressive way. Whatever your content marketing objective is – building a customer base, increasing customer referrals, informing the target audience about new products/services, or driving sales, a well-thought-out and aesthetically-designed presentation can serve as a valuable asset to get your message across.

Wondering how presentations can help you achieve your content marketing goals? Let’s dig out deeper!

  1. Let’s You Share Your Brand Story Engagingly

Do you have a compelling story about your product, service, or organization to tell to the intended audience? You can do so with the help of a well-crafted presentation. Presentations eliminate the need to write a 500-700 words long story; you can represent it in a visually impressive manner through an image.


Creating a relevant presentation in alignment with the audience’s demographic is indeed a time-consuming task, but if done right, it can take your content marketing efforts a notch higher. You can use pre-designed PowerPoint templates to put across your message convincingly and save precious time.


  1. Allows You to Establish Yourself as a Thought Leader

Content marketers use the tactics of thought leadership to establish credibility with the target audience and shape people’s perception of the organization and its offerings. Here, you can leverage the power of presentations to realize the long-term benefits of thought leadership. You can use the presentations in webinars to communicate your ideas to a wide array of audiences or share on SlideShare to expand your influence.


  1. Create a Strong Organic Presence through Presentations

Every content marketer aims to create a strong organic search presence. Presentations can help you achieve this objective. All you need to do is create the presentation content incorporating the keywords relevant to your business and upload the presentation on the right platforms.


  1. Share it Everywhere

Presentations are easy to share on the website, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc. So, content marketers can take advantage of presentation templates to boost their digital and social reach. Moreover, your customers and clients can also easily share these presentations on their social media handles, which further enhances the visibility of your business.


  1. Capture Leads

Have you considered presentations as a lead generation and conversion tool? If not, you are missing out on the huge potential of presentations. You can prepare high-quality and visual-rich presentations and use them in conferences, webinars, and other events to build rapport with the audience and encourage them to move to the next stage of the buying funnel.

The Inference

The efficacy of graphic-rich presentations in the dissemination of content comprising different types of data is undeniable. So, as you are finalizing your marketing plan for the upcoming quarter or year, make sure to include presentations in your content strategy.

Do you have any creative tips to effectively use presentations in the content marketing plans? Do let us know in the “Comment” section. And if you like the blog post, share it on your social media handles.

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