Be efficient: Automatically generate engaging newsletters

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Be efficient: Automatically generate engaging newsletters

Whether you are in the early stages of setting up a newsletter or you already have a well-established newsletter, the question arises or will quickly arise: how to increase efficiency?

Or in other words, how to create a visually engaging newsletter with quality content while optimizing creation time?

Newsletters are in essence appointments given to an audience, whether they are internal to the organization as for internal communication or HR newsletters for example, or external for subscribers, customers or communities, the task to be accomplished is recurring. And who says recurring also says time consuming, even stressful because it is necessary to respect schedules and deadlines for sending.

Add to this the need to offer quality, diverse content in various formats (video, text, images, presentations, infographics, etc.), we often see newsletters slowly disappearing and the send rate withering away over time.

It should be remembered that sending a newsletter remains an outstanding engagement medium when it is very engaging, doing without it or throwing in the towel can be disastrous for companies whether it is about maintaining the internal link for newsletters intended for employees, or simply the sharing of information but also the engagement of subscribers and customers.

It is in this spirit that we propose to improve the quality of newsletters while offering solutions to personalize, measure the engagement generated but also automate creation as much as possible.

We recently made available to our users a powerful and simple module to create custom templates without the need for special technical skills.

The next step is naturally to offer to you, the possibility to automate the creation of these newsletters from your templates.

In short, you choose your template (or your templates if you manage several newsletters):

Then you decide how it should fill out using the publications you select or write.

And if you need finesse, the rules can be strengthened to only select content with a specific tag. The automation is ready, you can then choose the creation period or even just generate the newsletters yourself when you need them.

The content will be added automatically. 

Here’s an example of what your automated newsletter could look like:

Proofread it and send it from or other tools like Mailchimp. And there you go ! Now no more excuses for not sending your daily, weekly or monthly newsletter. If you want to see how it works, make an appointment directly with us, we will show you how it works in a few minutes.

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