How Artificial Intelligence is Revolutionizing the Content Marketing Industry

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How Artificial Intelligence is Revolutionizing the Content Marketing Industry

No matter how good your brand’s content or story is, they will simply pass by the customers if you don’t market them strategically and quickly. And rightly, many industry experts and marketers rely on content marketing to expand their brand’s awareness. Numbers corroborate this claim; as per the 2021 marketing report by Hubspot, 82 percent of marketers actively use content marketing to scale their brand presence. The same report highlights that 70 percent of marketers actively invest in content marketing to boost lead generation and sales. With such a staggering number, it is evident that cost, time, and manual labor are the top requirements for every marketer. Undoubtedly, there is a good chance that artificial intelligence (AI) will better help you through the entire content marketing process. And statistics verify the statement!

As per a report published by Gartner in early 2021, nearly 41 percent of survey respondents experienced an increase in revenue and performance after adopting AI content writing tools for their marketing campaigns. Alternatively, 38 percent credited AI with bringing personalization into their content marketing approach, which improved customer satisfaction.

Hence, it is a no-brainer that AI plays a significant role in formulating marketing strategies that offer actionable results and better outcomes for brands. From content analysis, keyword research, and A/B testing to customization and content optimization, AI in content marketing is here to change the game.

AI and Content Marketing:

The function and role of AI are not a secret to any industry. From healthcare and manufacturing to IT and marketing, AI is ubiquitous everywhere you look. 

An umbrella term that undertakes several technologies, such as Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Learning, computer vision, and more, AI is an advanced technology demonstrated by machines. Based upon hundreds and thousands of input data, AI supports every stage of content marketing, from ideating to strategizing and advertising the content in front of the right audience.

AI in content marketing is yet another umbrella term that refers to different technologies, such as machine learning, computer vision, and NLP, to develop marketing strategies that provide a successful outcome for the brand.

For instance, formulating marketing strategies that offer desired results is essential and time-consuming. The complete process requires customer analysis, past purchase history, and customer feedback, requiring immense manual research and work. With AI, marketers can perform the same work and compose a strategy with a higher success rate based on information and data provided by AI; it is called predictive analysis.

Moving forward, we will explore other aspects of AI in content marketing that are truly revolutionizing the industry for marketers and brands alike.

How is the Former Reshaping the Latter?

Since AI has become a reality, businesses have incorporated the technology in more than one area based on their requirements and budget. Not only has AI become vital in data analysis and understanding customers, but it has also become essential to identify potential marketing approaches that were otherwise too costly and laborious to execute. Isn’t it evident that when every brand adopts AI to tread ahead in business, not accepting this change in the industry will hurt your organization? Thus, AI has entered the content marketing landscape, and to stay ahead of the curve, enterprises need to step up and embrace AI as an indispensable part of the business.

Here, AI tools emerge as life-savers. From topic generation and content creation to advertising and measuring the success rate, multiple AI tools exist that assist in executing your marketing endeavors quickly and accurately. The use of AI tools, such as Uberflip, helps you offer personalized content to your audience base. 

Similarly, several other AI tools, namely Articoolo and Curata assist you in creating high-quality content. 

Furthermore, tools like RAD Ai help marketers to publish and optimize content based on historical data and customer insights. 

The idea is simple: if you need a tool to assist you in any marketing stage, AI has the solution for you.

Here’s how AI is revolutionizing the content marketing industry

Create Content that Sells and Scales

Content generation is one of AI’s most significant and essential functions in content marketing. With AI, you can create content that resembles a human-written piece and contains all the relevant information about the topic. Marketers often rely on AI content creation tools, such as Acrolinx, to create content that scales and sells with time. Often writers and marketers create content associated with social media posts, breaking news headlines, and blog topics. 

Curating Content that Matches Readers’ Intent

Yet another indispensable segment of marketing is content curation, which focuses on a particular topic and explores in-depth information. Be it for social media or your blog, the act of discovering, identifying, organizing, and sharing content with your audience is called content curation. The intention here is to add relevant information and value for your audience. Additionally, the idea behind content curation is also to ameliorate your marketing campaign and improve the strategies around marketing. But how do you know what is relevant and what is simply fluff content when the internet is brimming with data? AI helps!

Be it a list of movies, best marketing tools, or top 10 places to visit in your town, extensive research leads to the right results. And AI drills down to the most precise and fitting information to bring the best of homogeneous as well as heterogeneous content curated on the topic of choice.

Improve on Your Existing Customer Experience (CX)

How do you determine if your customers will return after the first purchase or interaction? Or what aspect of your service or product do they prefer? While you can always ask one person to sit through all the interactions, transactions, and purchase history, AI does all this for you in a moment. For every brand, providing the best CX is the ultimate goal. With AI, you can analyze customer behavior, track their purchase history, and follow their footprint on your website to understand what they want and offer the same.

Formulate Marketing Strategies to Elevate Overall User Experience (UX)

The purpose behind strategizing is to ensure that you receive the desired outcome yet stay prepared for any unlikely event where the result might not favor your prediction. While AI will not think for you, it will help you generate content, attract leads, and turn them into customers. Tools like BrightFunnel—by Terminus—assist marketers in optimizing your sales funnels that improve the chances of leads turning into loyal customers. Similarly, chatbots and AI-powered virtual assistance elevate the existing UX, ensuring that customers receive a quick and accurate reply.

Predict Customer Behavior

AI is not a fortune teller by any chance, but it sure is an excellent predictor. One of the brilliant features of AI is predictive analysis, where the algorithm examines the past data to conclude how the customer or the user might behave in the future. The use of AI in marketing brings predictive analysis to the forefront, which assists brands in identifying how their consumers have interacted with their service or product in the last few months or years. Based on this information, brands can formulate a new marketing strategy or modify the existing one and ensure it appeals to the customers. You can even personalize your content based on the prediction.

Introduce and Optimize Text and Voice-based Search Results

With voice assistants like Siri, Cortana, Alexa, and more taking over our daily lives, voice-based search instances have soared up as well. While you will receive results in the text form, you need to make your content voice-search friendly. Despite ensuring that your content is search engine optimized (SEO), you must also focus on optimizing your content for voice-based search queries. Some of the easiest ways to optimize for voice search include incorporating long-tail keywords, using a conversational tone in your content, asking questions, and making your website mobile-friendly. 

For text-based results, you must also ensure to optimize your written content that is SEO friendly and excites users to continue exploring your website to reduce bounce rate. Instoried is one such AI-based content writing tool that helps analyze the written content and offers suggestions that improve your content in terms of sentiments and emotions. It further examines your headline and provides alternate options that work better and prompt users to click on your content.

Accurately Match Your Content with User Search Intent

Your content not only needs to be good; it also needs to fulfill the search requirement. Ideate and strategy all you want, but a successful marketing campaign also ensures that the content you publish matches with user search intent. AI in marketing guides you to create and design the content (text, video, gif, infographics) that answers the search query well. Predictive analysis and chatbots serve an essential purpose. They collect relevant data about customer requirements and offer insights into modifying your content to complement the user search intent.

What to Expect Next?

AI is set to cover a vast area of content marketing. With search engines continuously adapting AI to become intelligent in detecting quality content and ameliorating their rankings, brands will embrace AI in marketing to ensure they stay relevant to enter and retain their position in search results. 

In the future, personalization and one-to-one service will take the lead where AI and machine learning will help marketers identify and optimize customer needs. For instance, Target, the famous department store, aced the personalization game by using customers’ demographic information, including their ethnicity, job history, and shopping behavior. All this helped the brand target specific customers, be it for baby products or kitchen essentials.

Not only this, AI will play a significant role in discovering and identifying prospects and recommending ways to turn them into customers. Alternatively, the technology will further assist marketers in understanding the market dynamics and changing customer need to plan content marketing strategies for the future with a higher success rate.

Even for consumers, AI will lend a helping hand to discover, decide, and shop for items they require and want. Additionally, AI-triggered recommendations will become essential to marketers and users as they both look to improve their budget and get precisely what they want. You already know how e-commerce brands like Amazon, Facebook, and Alibaba rely on past data to recommend similar products customers have searched for before.

Overall, the future of AI in marketing will become a two-way street and will not be limited to serving only the brands but will also include buyers.


One section that takes precedence over any other business section is marketing for every brand. From the early days of print advertising to the current era of online promotions, marketing has always been and will continue to stay relevant and significant for every enterprise. On the same course, AI is the advanced technology complementing today’s marketing standards to assist brands in incorporating innovative and personalized services. AI helps identify, understand, predict, and execute marketing campaigns that show positive results without spending a tremendous amount of money or time.

AI tools support marketers in every marketing stage, from ideating to strategizing and publishing content. You can improve your current marketing efforts and customer experience with AI content creation tools. Even predicting the future of business is possible with AI! Deploy a chatbot or gather sufficient past customer data to extract valuable insights about buyer behavior and formulate marketing campaigns that align with the information.

With AI learning and growing every day, your business is set on the path to flourish and scale tremendously one day at a time. All brands must continue to leverage the full benefits of AI and human intelligence and labor in their marketing efforts to reach the right audience at the right time.

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